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Significant Anniversaries

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Year 2003

  • 08 JAN American composer Benjamin Lee's 80th birthday.
  • 09 JAN American composer Seymour Barab's 75th birthday.
  • 24 JAN American composer Norman Dello Joio's 90th birthday.
  • 24 JAN 85th anniversary of birth of Austrian composer Gottfried von Einem.
  • 25 JAN 90th anniversary of birth of Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski. d-1994.
  • 12 FEB 80th anniversary of birth of American composer Mel Powell.
  • 16 FEB 65th birthday of American composer John Corigliano.
  • 22 FEB Centenary of the death of Austrian composer Hugo Wolf in Vienna.
  • 04 MAR 75th birthday of German born American composer Samuel Adler.
  • 23 APR 50th anniversary of death of Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev.
  • 11 MAY 50th anniversary of death of American composer William Grant Still.
  • 12 MAY Centenary of the birth of English composer Lennox Berkeley.
  • 27 MAY 75th birthday of Scottish composer Thea Musgrave.
  • 06 JUN Centenary of the birth of Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian.
  • 13 JUN 25th anniversary of death of Mexican composer Carlos Chavez.
  • 23 JUN 75th birthday of American film composer Gerard Schumann.
  • 09 SEP 65th birthday of American composer and pianist Joan Tower.
  • 22 SEP 70th birthday of Spanish (Catalan) composer Leonardo Balada.
  • 25 OCT American composer Ned Rorem's 80th birthday.
  • 06 DEC Polish composer Henryk Gorecki's 70th birthday.
  • 10 DEC 90th anniversary of birth of American composer Morton Gould. d-1966.
  • 11 DEC 95th birthday of American composer Elliott Carter.
  • 20 DEC 65th birthday of American composer John Harbison.

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