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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
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  1. Adams, John Two Concertos for Orchestra

  2. Addinsell, Richard Warsaw Concerto
    from British made film "Suicide Squadron" as it was known in USA release. The British film title was 'Dangerous Moonlight'. The film came out in 1941. The music became more popular than the film. And more popular than some of Addinsell's other film scores like 'Gaslight' in 1939, 'Blythe Spirit' in 1945 and 'A Christmas Carol' in 1951. To: From: "Brian van der Spuy" | Block address Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:04:29 -0000 Reply-to: Subject: mc~ Warsaw concerto Add Addresses I recently acquired a new CD with some music for piano and orchestra. As a bonus, it also includes Richard Addinsell's Warsaw concerto. There is a story behind this work, but I heard of it so long ago that I can't even remember whether I heard it on the radio, read about it or was told it by someone. I wonder if someone can refresh my memory? The story goes like this: some film producer made a movie (I can't remember the title) and commissioned Rachmaninov to write a score for it. Unfortunately, Rachmaninov demanded a higher fee than the producer was willing to pay, so instead Addinsell was commissioned to write a score in the style of Rachmaninov. And as it turned out, just as with Grieg's Peer Gynt suites, it was another case of the incidental music becoming more famous than the production it was composed to support. As far as I know, it is also the only notable thing Addinsell composed. Anybody knows more about this?

  3. Alfven Swedish Rhapsody
    Swedish composer Hugo Alfven wrote five symphonies and a large amount of choral and orchestral music, none of which has had the lasting appeal of the folkmusic inspired 'Swedish Rhapsody'. It was premiered in Sweden in 1904 as 'A Midsummer Night's Vigil".

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