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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ C ~

  1. Cage, John 4'33"

  2. Cage 'Atlas Eclipticalis'

  3. Canteloube 'Songs of the Auvergne' (oh vairn)

  4. Carter Concerto for Orch

  5. Carter 'Holiday Overture'

  6. Carter 'Variations for Orch'

  7. Carter String Quartet No 1

  8. Casella 'La giara'
    (lah JAH rah)

  9. Casella Alfredo 'Paganiniana'
    Born in Turin Italy July 25, 1883. He started piano at four years of age, his mother's pupil. In 1896 he studied with Faure in Paris at the Conservatory. He toured Europe as a pianist. In October of 1921 he debuted in the USA with the Philadelphia Orchestra as composer, conductor and soloist. He was conductor of the Boston Pops from 1927 to 1929. He returned to Italy in 1938 where he remained until his death in Rome on March 5, 1947. His many compositions include 'Paganiniana' on themes by Paganini composed for the 100th anniversary of the Vienna PO in 1942.

  10. Castelnuovo-Tedesco Guitar Concerto Op99
    Italian composer MC-T was born in Florence on April 3, 1895. He studies with CASELLA in the 1920's. His guitar concerto in D major was composed in 1939, the year he came to America and is dedicated to Andres Segovia who gave its' FP in Montevideo.

  11. Chabrier 'Bourree Fantasque' (boo ray fan tahsk)

  12. Chabrier 'Espana' Rhapsody for Orch
    (es PAHN yah) Emmanuel Chabrier was born in 1841, died in 1894. He wrote his pieces in pencil, he sid it wold make corrections easier. His life began in the Auvergne and studied music at age six but did not commit to a creer in music until he was in his late thirties. In 1882 he and his wife vacationed in Spain enjoying the flamenco music heard in the cafes. He wrote down some themes and improvised some of the jotas and malaguenas for friends. This led to his most popular work "Espana".

  13. Chabrier 'March Joyeuse' (marsh shwah yeuz)

  14. Chabrier 'Le Roi Malgre Lui' (lau rwah mahl gray lwee)

  15. Chabrier 'Menuet Pompeux' (men oo AY pawm PERH')

  16. Chabrier 'Suite Pastorale'
    Composed in 1888 with Bach-like perfection and tenderness. His melodic masterpiece.

  17. Chausson 'Poem' for Violin and Orch Op 25

  18. Chausson Sym in B-flat major, Op 20

  19. Chaves, Carlos (1899 - 1978) 'Sinfonia India' Sym No 2
    Mexican composer's tribute to the Mexican indian tribes (Huichol, Seri and Yaqui). Taken from some of their melodies.

  20. Chedeville Sonata #1 in C
    First attributed to Vivaldi, after document studies of the piece it was withdrawn from Peter Ryomes's catalog of Vivaldi works. Apparently the publisher of the work of an unknown Nicholas Chedeville has entered Vivaldi's name to boost sales of the sheet music.

  21. Chopin Etudes

  22. Chopin PC No 1,in e, Op 11
    Composed during the spring and summer of 1830. FP in October of 1830 at his last concert in Warsaw. The traditional numbering has it backwards: No. 2 was composed before No. 1......

  23. Chopin on record

  24. Chopin PC No 2, in f, Op 21
    Written in 1829 when he was 19. He composed the e minor concerto in 1830, but the later was published first, hence the f minor concerto is known as the second. FP in Warsaw, March 17, 1830 at the summit of his performing career, to a sold out audience of heartfelt 'bravos' after hearing the work. Remember now, the traditional numbering has it backwards: No. 2 was composed before No. 1......

  25. Chopin Piano Sonata No 2 in b-flat, Op 35
    Perhaps Chopin's largest scale sonata, completed at the home of George Sand in the summer of 1839. He was 29 years old. The third MMT is the funeral march.

  26. Chopin 'Tristesse' Etude in E, Op 10 No 3
    "Grief" or "Sadness" this etude is one of Chopin's most popular works. In fact he said it was his loveliest melody.

  27. Chopin 'Variations on a Theme by Rossini'
    The theme is from 'La Cenerentola', "Cinderella" an opera by Rossini. In fact a few of the themes in this work for harp and flute.

  28. Coates 'Three Elizabeths Suite'
    British composer Eric Coates died at the age if 71 in 1957. He was the foremost composer of light orchestral music in England. His suites, overtures and songs appealed to the masses of Britain. Many became associated with feature programs broadcast by the BBC radio services. His Three Elizabetrhs Suite was suggested by an unknown clergyman. Coates worked to create a piece that would evoke the spirit of British history and its people through Elizabeth the first, the Queen Mother and the woman who became Queen to the end of the 20th century. The suite was first heard on a BBC broadcast on Christmas Eve, 1944.

  29. Coates 'Dam Busters March'
    This march was written in 1954, just before he received a request to do a filmscore about air raid on German Dams. He lent the score to the film.

  30. Coates 'Three Bears'
    Composed in 1926 for his four year old son, Austin. Listen for the musical phrase "Who's been sleeping in MY bed", throughout the piece. kuat cd #3821

  31. Coates 'Youth of Britain' March from 'Three Elizabeths'
    Michael Kennedy writes that Coates composes light in vain and distinguished by fine craftsmanship, impeccable orchestration and personal melodic fervor.

  32. Copland, Aaron Selected Works

  33. Corelli 'Christmas' Concerto Op 6, No 8, in g minor

  34. Cornelius, Peter Barber of Bagdad Opera

  35. Cowell 'Hymn and Fuguing Tune' No 16

  36. Creston 'Chant of 1942'
    Op 33...Inspired by political turmoil in Poland and Greece in the early 1940's, and his moods contemplating the barbarism and degradation of the people by the events in those times.

  37. Creston 'Janus' Op 77

  38. Crumb 'Ancient Voices of Children'

  39. Cui 'In Modo Populari' op 43
    Cui was born in 1835 the son of a French officer who had remained in Russia after the retreat of Napoleon in 1812. Young Cui was a part time musician as professor of Military Engineering at the Academy, he died in 1918. Known as one of the Russian Five, he wrote a number of short piano works as well as this suite written in 1882.

  40. Cui 'Suite Concertante' Op 25
    Cesar Cui born in 1835 in Russia of French parents, he died in 1918. His violin concertante suite was composed in 1884. There is also a version for piano with violin. The MMTs of the suite are the Intermezzo, Cavatina, Canzonetta and Tarentella.

  41. Czerny 'Piano Concerto in a, Op 214'
    Carl Czerny was born in 1791 in Vienna to a musical family. He wrote many piano concertos and the a minor concerto is one of his finest.

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