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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ D ~

  1. Dallapiccola 'Variations for Orch'

  2. Davies 'An Orkney Wedding at Sunrise'

  3. Debussy, Claude
    Selected Works

  4. Delibes, 'Giselle'
    One of ballet's great treasures. A story of love and forgiveness composed in 1850 . It continues to be a favorite with ballet lovers everywhere. The title role of 'Giselle' is one of ballets most challenging and requires brilliant technique and emotional depth. In the first act Giselle meets and loves a farmer, looses him and dies. In the second act she comes back as a ghost and drives men to dance until they die of exhaustion.

  5. Delibes, 'Lakme' (lahk may)

  6. Delibes 'Le Roi S'Amuse' (luh rwah sah mooz)

  7. Delius, Frederick
    Selected Works

  8. Dello Joio 'Air For Strings'
    Composed in 1967 it's an uncomplicated piece which he says explores the basic string sonorities.

  9. Dello Joio 'Variations, Chaconne and Finale'

  10. Delius, Frederick 'Appalachia'
    Written in 1895 and revised in 1902. Written at the Solano Grove home he maintained at his father's Florida orange orchards south of Jacksonville. It is a series of sound pictures of the part of the American Southland that Delius knew as a young man. Essentially the work is about a young slave sold to a down river plantation and forcibly separated from his loved ones. Composed for Baritone, Orchestra and Chorus.

  11. Delius 'Aquarelles'
    Eric Fenby made orchestrations in 1932 of two choral pieces by Delius.

  12. Delius 'Eventyr' (A ven teer)
    aka 'Once Upon a Time', is based on a Norwegian Folk Tale. This orchestral piece by Delius was composed in 1917 and first performed under Sir Henry Wood at the Queen's Hall on January 11, 1919.

  13. Delius 'Florida Suite' Composed in 1887. This is the earliest surviving orchestral work of Delius. Never published in his lifetime, nor performed. FP in 1937 under Sir Thomas Beecham. "By The River" is a programmatic picture of Lake Okeechobee, the gateway to the Everglades. It was inspired by the days Delius was living in Solano Grove, near Jacksonville, Florida. He was managing an orange grove there owned by his father. He spent most of his time there composing works such as this one.

  14. Delius 'Hassan' (hah SAHN)
    Intermezzo and Serenade are from the score of 'Hassan' his last work for the stage. It was FP in SEP 1923 at 'His Majesty's Theater'. The Intermezzo and the Serenade are taken from the 'moonlight at the fountain' scene. Hassan playing his lute for Yasmin. The work was scored for violin, strings and har and was arranged by Sir Thomas Beecham.

  15. Delius 'Irmelin' (ER meh lin)
    Prelude an orchestral miniature. His first opera composed in 1892 and dedicated to his associate Eric Fenby in 1931. This Prelude is an expansion of the opening bars of the opera.

  16. Delius 'Koanga' (koh AHN gah)

  17. Delius 'La Calinda'
    Originally the 1st MMT of his 'Florida Suite' of 1887. Then as part of his opera 'Koanga'. Eric Fenby extracted this concert version of the early Delius theme. (KAH' lin dah).

  18. Delius 'Sea Drift'
    He was 22 when he left England for his fathers 's orange groves in Northeastern Florida, south of Jacksonville. The year was 1884. It was there he scored many of his works including 'Appalachia' and 'Sea Drift' in 1903. The setting to 'Sea Drift' is a poem by Walt Whitman. The images are from your own mind as you'll visualize and hear this 'Sea Drift' for baritone, chorus and Orchestra.

  19. Delius 'Summer Night on the River
    The woodwinds dominate this 1911 orchestral work by Frederick Delius... evoking the scene of a 'Summer Night on the river'.

  20. Diamond Sym No 8

  21. D'Indy 'Song and Dances'
    Op 50 (1912) The only wind chamber work he composed. It is seldom performed. Recording available on KOCH INT. 3-7081-2 H 1 by the Sylvan Wind Ensemble.

  22. D'Indy 'Symphony on a French Mountain Air'
    Inspired by a visit to his ancestral home on a vacation in 1886. Based on a folksong he heard looking at the Cevennes mountains. It started out as a fantasy for piano but became this fully orchestrated symphony with integrated piano solo part. First presented at a The Concert Lamoureux in March 1887, it is dedicated to and was FP by pianist Mme Bordes-Pene.

  23. Dohnanyi 'Variations On a Nursery Song' Op 25
    There is a composer's tounge in cheek dramatic introduction to this very simple piano concerto. A melodic variation on a Nursey Song composed by Ernst Von Dohnanyi... in 1918. He played the work at it's FP in Berlin on February 17, 1924. He dedicated the work to the enjoyment of lovers of humor and to the annoyance of others. The tune is known by music lovers everywhere, Mozart used it for a set of piano variatin 1778. The Dohnanyi orchestral version is known for it's humor and wit.

  24. Donizetti Il Campanello Opera

  25. Donizetti 'Lucia di Lammermoor'
    His finest opera. Lucia marries a man chosen by her brother, goes mad.

  26. Druckman 'Windows'
    Jacob, Druckman

  27. Dukas 'Sorcerer's Apprentice'
    A ballade of Goethe scored as a symphonic concerto for orchestra by Paul Dukas. The apprentice awakes, a spell is cast on him and then is broken.

  28. Duke, Vernon 'Cabin In The Sky'
    FP on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theater October 25, 1940 Music: Vernon Duke. Lyrics: John Latouche from book by Lynn Root. A Fantasy about Little Joe Jackson's struggle with evil and his salvation through the strength of his wife Petunia. Dooley Wilson (later of film Casablanca) was the male lead. The song 'Taking a Chance on Love' was sung by the female lead, Ethel Waters. It stopped the show on opening night and required eight encores. This endures as Vernon Duke's theatrical masterwork and provided Ethel Waters one of the finest moments in her long career forshadowing her popularity as one of America's finest dramatic actresses.

  29. Dvorak, Antonin Selected Works

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