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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ G ~

  1. Gershwin An American In Paris
    Gershwin had his concept for this work already in mind when he left for Europe in the spring of 1928. Once in Paris his vision came to life and was completed in Vienna. The orchestration was done on a return to Paris. He said 'An American In Paris' was scored in the manner of Debussy but the theme was original. The FP was by the NY PO under Walter Damrosh in December 1928. Gershwin called his new work a rhapsodic ballet portraying the impression of an American visitor to Paris as he strolls about the city absorbing the street noises and the French atmosphere.

  2. Gershwin Concerto in F

  3. Gershwin Cuban Overture
    inspired by a vacation in Havana.

  4. Gershwin Fascinatin' Rhythm
    Gershwin's music epitomises the 1920's. His 'Fascinatin' Rhythm' is from the 1924 show Lady Be Good.

  5. Gershwin I Got Rhythm
    George Gershwin said his favorite song was I Got Rhythm composed in 1920. He arranged the song for two pianos as his Variations on I Got Rhythm.

  6. Gershwin OH, Kay!
    The Broadway musical opened in November, 1926 at the Imperial Theater, NYC. It ran for 256 Performances. It was written as a showpiece for Gertrude Lawrence. The story of Long Island rum runners, for a prohibition era audience. Lawrence portrayed Lady Kay Duram, a 'down at the heels, peer of the realm' who falls in love with a playboy whos beach front home is the secret site of a bootleg operation. Lawrence's character masquerades as a maid and in one scene she sings 'Someone to Watch Over me' to a doll. It was the star at her peak in 1927.

  7. Gershwin Porgy and Bess
    A Suite was arranged by Robert Russell Bennett as A Symphonic Picture.
    George Gershwin read the Dubois Hayward book, Porgy and in 1926 wrote the score for his opera Porgy and Bess and finally had it produced in 1935. Todd Duncan (1926 - 1998) was selected, by Gershwin, from over 100 applicants for the role of Porgy. It ran for 124 performances on Broadway. Gershwin wrote an orchestral arrangement of the music and called it Catfish Row, however conductor Fritz Reiner had Robert Russell Bennett arrange a suite in 1937 after the composers death. Reiner premiered the work with the Pittsburgh SO in 1943.

  8. Gershwin Rhapsody In Blue
    The version most often performed is an orchestral arrangement by Ferde Grofe the composer of the Grand Canyon Suite. The work was commissioned by Grofe's boss Paul Whiteman's orchestra. Gershwin, at age 26, originally scored the work for a jazz group. The short concerto version was composed in 1924. The main theme is familiar as background music in United Airlines TV commercials. The name was given to the piece by the composer's brother, Ira.

  9. Gigout (YOU ZHEN' ZHEE GOH') Scherzo for organ. He studied french organ music with Saint-Saens. born 1822 d-1890.

  10. Ginastera Estancia Ballet Suite op 8
    Alberto Ginastera was born in Argentina November 4, 1916. He died in 1983. His Estancia Ballet score was composed in 1941. The estancia, or ranch, is the scene of Argentine cowboys, their life on the ranch, cowboy meets cowgirl and gauco verses gauch for her favor. Estancia is a five scene, one act ballet. Presented for the first time in 1952 on Buenos Aires. The suite was FP in May of 1943. It concludes with the popular 'Danza'.

  11. Ginastera
    Piano Concerto.

  12. Ginastera Songs of the Tucuman
    Part of his ballet Panambi, an early work, related to Argentinian folk lore. 'Tucuman' is a northern provence of Argentina at the edge of the high mountanous area of the west.

  13. Ginastera Violin Concerto

  14. Giuliani 'Concerto for Guitar'
    Mauro Giuliani lived between 1780 and 1840 and helped to bring the guitar to prominance with his concertos. He was born in Bologna and was a self taught musician. This is the first genuine virtuoso concerto for guitar, it was written around 1810.

  15. Glazunov Triumphal March Op 40
    (b-1865 - d-1936) Russian composer AG wrote this work in 1895 for the Chicago Exhibition. The melody is based on the song known as "John Browns' Body.

  16. Glinka Russlan and Ludmilla Overture
    Russian poet Alexander Pushkin wrote 'Russlan and Ludmilla' in 1820. It made him an instant success. Mikhail Glinka proposed a libretto for the fairy tale but the poet was slain in a duel over the supposed infidelity of his wife. Glinka shaped the opera and it had its' FP at The Bolshoi Theater in St.etersburg in 1842.

  17. Gluck Alceste

  18. Gluck Iphigenia in vAulis

  19. Gluck Orpheus and Eurydice
    The 1774 Opera was inspired by the mythical tale of Orpheus, the lute playing son of a muse and river god, who was followed into Hades by Eurydice the Nymph of the woods. The opera features two famous orchestral pieces, The Dance of the Furies and Dance of the Blessed Spirits.

  20. Gottschalk A Montevideo
    Composed in the 1860's on a vacation in Uraguay near the end of Gottschalk's life. He called it his second symphony. It's themes include the Uruguayan National Anthem, Hail Columbia and Yankee Doodle. Gottschalk died on December 18th, 1869. This work was not performed until the 100th year after his death, 1969, in New Orleans.

  21. Gottschalk A Night In The Tropics
    Louis Moreau Gottschalk was in Guadeloupe in 1859 when he composed this work. There are many Latin American rhythms, some sound a bit like the modern 'samba'. Available recording on Vanguard Classics CD # SVC-9 with Maurice Abravanel and the Utah SO. ... 18'49 c3304

  22. Grainger Handel in the Strand
    From the turn of the 19th century this music by PG was written as variations on Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith originally for piano and orchestrated later. The strand was the center of English music.

  23. Grainger Hill Song
    Composed in 1901 this is music of the spirit of wilderness and open highlands of Northern England and Scotland.

  24. Grainger Spoon River
    This American folk melody with the Scottish sound was arranged by Percy Grainger in 1919. It is dedicated to Edgar Lee Masters, the poet of the pioneers.

  25. Granados Goyescas
    Impressions of the art work of Spanish painter Francisco Goya. The two sets of completed piano works date from 1911 and were expanded as a one act opera in 1916 and presented at the MET in NYC...subtitled 'The Enraptured Lovers'.

  26. Grieg Holberg Suite
    This work was scored in 1884 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the playwrite, Ludwig Holberg in Bergen (a Norwegian seaport in the South West area of Norway). The actual title of the work is 'From Holberg's Time'. It was originally written for piano but Grieg orchestrated it in 1885. It has been acclaimed for Grieg's own orchestration of the work. His op 40.

  27. Grieg Lyric Suite
    Suite was arranged just before his death in 1907. It was orchestrated using four of his piano pieces from Book Five.

  28. Grieg Piano Concerto in a
    Most important Norwegian composer of the 19th Century. Studied at the Leipzig Conservatory. (1843 - 1907) Edvard Grieg's youthful triumphs boosted Norwegian national morale so well that the government awarded him a state pension at the age of 29. composed his Piano Concerto in A minor when he was 25 years old. It is one of the most popular concertos and a source for many popular variations. It was also used as a main theme in the Broadway production 'Song of Norway'. His enduring fame begins with this work premiered in 1869. It was his first score for symphony orchestra and is his only concerto.

  29. Grieg Peer Gynt (PAIR GEEnt)
    Grieg met Norway's great dramatist Henrik Ibsen in 1874. Ibsen asked Grieg to write some incidental music for his play Peer Gynt. The play dealt with the social and political issues of the day. The plot involves the adventures of a young man who travels the world to return to his sweetheart, Solveg, much wiser than when he left her. Grieg arranged two suites of music from the score for concertising including Morning, Hall of the Mountain King, Anitra's dance and Solvegs song among others.

  30. Griffes, Charles Tomlinson The Kairn of Koridwen
    His longest piece, it was composed in 1916. A ballet or "dance-drama" based on Druid folklore from France. The Kairn or sanctuary and 'Koridwen' the goddess of the moon. FP at New York City's Neighborhood Playhouse on February 10th, 1917 for a run of several weekends. The playhouse was an avant-garde theater on the lower east side and funded by Alice and Irene Lewisohn.

  31. Griffes The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Kahn
    Griffes was born in Elmyra NY on Sep 17, 1884. This work was composed in 1912. He later orchestrated the work which was inspirted by a Coleridge poem.

  32. Grofe', Ferde Grand Canyon Suite
    FP by the NBC Sym Orchestra in 1943 under Arturo Toscanini. (A 1945 recording is available in the Toscanini re-releases RCA (BMG) 09026-60307-2)

  33. Grofe' Mississippi Suite
    b-27 MAR 1892, d-1972.
    Composed for Paul Whiteman who introduced the work in New York's Carnegie Hall in 1925, a year after it was written. The work has a kind of American Indian flavor, then jazz and negro themes. Movements titled "Father of the Waters", "Huckleberry Finn" and "Old Creole Days" with a final musical description of "New Orleans at Carnival time". (Last movement aka "Mardi Gras"... Celebrated in February).

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