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Notes on Major Compositions
by composer
~ J ~

  1. Janacek Concertino
    Composed in 1925 this is a wimsical piece, but one of true organization. All four movements are based on a handful of melodic fragments. FP in Bern in February of 1926. For piano, two violins, viola, clarinet, horn and bassoon.

  2. Janacek Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, (1926-27)

  3. Janacek From the House of the Dead (1928)

  4. Janacek In The Mist
    The Czech composer was 58 years old when he wrote this work in 1912. There is a Sugano recording (SCD 83002) with a piano performance by one of his students, Rudolph Firkusny.

  5. Janacek Sinfonietta (1926)
    Perhaps his most popular orchestral piece. FP 26 JUN 1926, Czech Philharmonic. His unofficial titles for the movements of the work are to commemorate areas of his adopted hometown of Brno. The Monastery, The Castle; which was a prison, and the final movement, the Town Hall.

  6. Janacek Taras Bulba (1915-18) Music is from the Russian film score about the Cossack, Taras Bulba. It is based on a Ukranian legend. Composed in 1916. The movements are titled The death of Andri, The death of Ostap,and The death of Taras Bulba, Bloody action ending with Tara's vision of the emancipation of his people. The work was first called a Slavonic Rhapsody.

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