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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ K ~

  1. Kabalevsky, Demitri 'Colas Breugnon'

  2. Kern, Jerome 'Roberta'
    His last successful musical for the Broadway theater. It opened at the New Amsterdam Theater in November of 1933 and ran for 295 performances. He collaborated with Otto Harbach, book, and Robert Russell Bennett, orchestrations. Based on Alice Duer Miller's romance 'Gowns by Roberta' about an all American halfback who inherits his aunt's Paris shop and falls in love with a clerk who turns out to be a Russian princess. The princess was the exotic soprano Tamara. The other cast members included hoofer George Murphy (later a US Senator from CA) and a comic named Bob Hope. Raymond Middelton was the male lead. What led to the shows great success was the song 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' which swept dance floors, radio shows and glee clubs of the country...sung by Tamara with Leo Reisman's Orchestra.

  3. Ketelbey 'Bells Across The Meadows'
    To listen to the music of English composer Albert W. Ketelbey is to take a nostalgic journey back to a more genteel period of popular music. Ketelbey was a composer of proramme music for silent films. He was born in 'Birming'um' in 1875. He studied at Trinity college, was a church organist, concert pianist and vaudeville musical director in London. He died in 1959 leaving many popular compositions after a very sucessful career.

  4. Khachaturian 'Gayane' Ballet
    (GUY anne...GUY ann ah...GY nah)
    The ballet was first staged in December of 1942 by the Kirov Ballet with choreography by Ah NEE see MOH vah. Later the music was taken from the 1958 Bolshoi theater production for three orchestral suites. The popular Sabre Dance appears in the second suite.
    The scenario is about the young people of Soviet Armenia and clashing stories of love, jealousy and friendship. As well as ego, jealousy and betrayal. It is a tribute to the war effort of workers and relationship of "Gayanne' a patriotic Armenian girl and her adulterous relationship with an army commander...who exiled her husband. The work is dedicated to the composer's wife, Guyna.

  5. Khachaturian 'Spartacus' Ballet Suite
    From the 1956 Ballet FP by the Kirov ensemble. The third suite appeared in 1957. The work about the reble slave 'Spartacus'

  6. Kirchner, Leon 'Music for Orchestra'

  7. Kodaly 'Galanta Dances'
    (gah LAHN tah) Composed for the 80th anniversary of the Budapest Philharmonic Society. FP October 1933. Not folk music here, but selected Hungarian National dances of various gypsies from Galanta. (GAH' lahn tah).

  8. Kodaly 'Marosszek Dances'
    Originally a piano piece based on a series of 17th century Hungarian dances. FP in the orchestral arrangement in 1930.

  9. Kodaly 'The Peacock'
    Variations on a Hungarian Folksong. Heard the tune in the village of Surd in 1937. From poem of Endre Ady about the Peacock a symbol of freedom.

  10. Kodaly Sonata for solo Cello
    Kodaly completed his sonata for solo cello in 1915. It directly takes melodies from Hungarian folksongs and incorporates them into an original score of his own. In 1928 Bela Bartok said Kodaly was the composer whose music is the most perfect embodiment of the Hungarian spirit.

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