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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ L ~

  1. Lalo Simphony Espagnole
    Composed in 1874 and FP that year by Sarasate. Essentially it is a violin concerto but its orchestral embellishments prompt many to call it an orchestral or symphonic work. A blend of concerto and symphony it is typically French but with Spanish overtones.
  2. Leclair Sonata No 8
    Jean Marie Leclar lived between 1679 and 1764. He was the fpormost violin virtuoso of his time. He wrote 49 violin sonatas which could also be played on the tranverse flute. The sonata No 8 dates from 1723.
  3. Ligeti Six Bagatelles
    The work was taken from some piano scores he had written around 1950. The pieces were transcribed for wind quintet in 1953.
  4. Liszt Dante Sonata
    This work dates from 1837 with revisions in 1840 and 1849. Published im 1858. In the score Liszt wants to capture the paoin and anger of the novel Dantes Inferno.
  5. Liszt Album d'un voyageur
    This little known album's score was revised as the first series called "Years of Travel". Selections in the album are 'By the Lake of Wallenstadt', 'By the Side of the Spring', 'The Valley of Obermann', 'Home Sickness' and 'The Bells of Geneva'.
  6. Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies
    The first 15 of these pieces were composed for piano and published around 1848. The most popular six were composed for piano and published around 1848. The most popular of the six were orchestrated by Franz Doppler.
  7. Liszt Years of Pilgrimage
    Annes de Pelerinage are a collection of keyboard pieces. The first year is the Swiss cycle composed in his twenties from inspirational travels through Switzerland in the 1830's. The second suite is a collection from his travels in Italy in 1839. They were revised in 1849.
  8. Liszt Liebestraume No. 3
    A nocturne by Liszt, composed in 1845. This piano piece was published in 1850 and is one of his most beautiful melodies.
  9. Liszt Les Jeux d'eau a la Ville D'este
    A fine fountain in a Roman retreat inspired this water music in 1870.
  10. Liszt Les Preludes
    Composed in 1848 a a prelude to the unknown after-life. It is inspired by the poetic meditations of lammartine. "What is life but a sequence of preludes to that unknown song whose first solumn note is struck by death?". There are four basic states or moods reflected in the work. Love, Conflict, Rural Living and Storm. Liszt wrote 13 tone poems and this was his third.
  11. Liszt Piano Concerto No 1 in E flat
    Composed in 1848, FP at Weimar, on February 17, 1855 with Berlioz conducting and Liszt at the piano.

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