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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ P ~

  1. Paganini, Niccolo 'Violin Concerto' Op 6 No 1

  2. Panula (PAH noo la) 'Adagio and Allegro for Saxophone'
    Contemporary work by Finnish composer Jorma (YOR' mah) Panula. Written in 1956 for viola and piano, he arranged the work for saxophone and string orchestra in 1982.

  3. Paulus, Stephen Three Hermits Opera

  4. Part 'Summa'
    A work by Estonian composer Arvo Part (PAIRt) should be a must with anyone interested in contemporary religious music. This piece features a setting of the 'Credo' in an arrangement for strings and is in the style of Palestrina and Josquin. There is an available recording on CHANDOS by the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Neeme Jarvi. (CHAN 9134)

  5. Persichetti 'Introit'
    Born in Philadelphia in 1915. The Introit for strings is his opus 96. It was composed for the Kansas City Youth Symohony. It is a quiet and introspective work that explores the sonorities and textures of the String Ensemble.

  6. Piston, Walter 'Sym No 4'

  7. Ponce 'Concierto del Sur'
    Ponce (PONc, but native mexicans do say 'PON say') was Mexico's first great national composer. Born in 1882, he died in 1948. His most popular piece was the song 'Estralita', Little Star, which won him world wide fame. His Guitar Concerto was FP in Montevideo on October 4, 1941 with Andres Segovia as soloist. The MMTs depict Mexican Folk themes, tropical atmospheres and a grand Mexican festival. c2140

  8. Poulenc 'Aubade'
    One of the five Piano Concertos of Poulenc. The Aubade is the 2nd and is a concerto choregraphic, a 1929 ballet commission premiered in Paris June 18, 1929, with choreography by Bronislava Nijinska. Some months later with new choreography by George Balanchine.

  9. Poulenc 'Organ' Concerto in g
    One of his most serious works, it was finished in August of 1918 on a commission from Princesse Edmond de Polignac to whom it is dedicated.

  10. Poulenc Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in d

  11. Poulenc 'Sonata for flute and piano'
    Poulenc dedicated this flute sonata to the memory of Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, (born 30 OCT 1864) the American music patroness who died in 1953. FP in Strasbourg in 1957.

  12. Poulenc 'Suite'
    Originally written for piano, you can hear in the orchestration the haste of Paris traffic, the charm of hidden parks and gardens, some late night revellers inebreated by too musch indulgence and rhythms of an 18th century dance to end the suite. It was arranged by tuba player John Jenkins for the Equale Brass Ensemble on their Nimbus CD NI 5004.

  13. Prokofiev, Serge Selected Works

  14. Puccini Turandot Opera

  15. Purcell, Henry (1659-1695) One of the greatest early English composers. He was the Chapel Royal composer, organist and singer. He wrote extensively for the stage, the church and for popular entertainment. He died in 1695 just after composing the funeral music for Queen Mary. (kuat C3340 Tr 13-21)

  16. Purcell Suite from 'Dido and Aeneas'
    This opera is the first major English opera. It was written for the girls of a Chelsea boarding school in 1689.

  17. Purcell 'Gordian Knot Untied'
    Incidental music for a play. Purcell wrote 40 such pieces between 1691 and 1694. The author of this play is not known. (Maybe John Crowne or Thomas Durfey who wrote other theater plays with music by Purcell). The music was not planned as a continuous performance but as introduction and acompaniment to scenes of the drama.

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