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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ R ~

  1. Rachmaninoff, Sergei Selected Works

  2. Rameau
    At the middle of the 18th century, with the demise of Lully some 50 years earlier, Rameau became the leading composer of French opera. Tuneful and dramatic with extravagant stage production.

  3. Ravel A la Borodin or 'In the style of Borodin'
    1913 part of the anthology of music in the style of other composers.

  4. Ravel, Maurice
    Selected Works

  5. Reger, Max 'Variations and Fugue for Orchestra on a Theme by Mozart'

  6. Respighi Ancient Airs and Dances

  7. Respighi Birds see: Gli uccelli

  8. Respighi Fountains of Rome
    FP in Rome in February of 1917 under Arturo Toscanini. It was the composer's first major triumph in a series of tone poems. Respighi sees four fountains at a different time of day. The first section is a pastoral sketch with shepherd calls on the oboe, tinkling bells and flowing themes offer a serene mood. Then with a sudden blast of horns another fountain in the full morning sun. The third is inspired by the statuary of the fountain rather than the landscape. Trumpets announce Neptune's chariot passing. The fourth is the fountain of the Villa Medici at sunset with twittering birds passing peacefully into the silence of dusk.

  9. Respighi Gli uccelli 'The Birds' GLEE oo CHEL ee
    Orchestral suite composed in 1927. Themes from early music for lute by Pasquini, Gallot and Rameau and an unknown 17th century English composer. Each movement has the name of a bird for the title. Evoking impressions of The Dove, The Hen, The Nightingale and The Cuckoo. Set for a small orchestra.

  10. Respighi Pines of Rome
    FP at the Augusteo in Rome. Bernardino Molinari conducting the Augusteo Orchestra on December 14, 1926. The work depicts children at play in the Villa Borghese, the sound of a plainsong at the entrance to a catacomb and then a nocturne about pine trees of the Janiculum and finally dawn breaking on the Appian Way with the marching of the counsular army as they approach the Capitol.

  11. Respighi Roman Festivals (1928)
    This is the third of the Rome inspired tone poems of Respighi. Preceeded by the Fountains in 1916 and the Pines in 1923. There are four scenes depicted, spaning Roman history, from the struggle of the Christians, to a Medieval pilgrimage, Renaissance Merriment and Serenade (under the moonlight of the) October Festival.

  12. Respighi 'Three Botticelli Pictures' or Trittico botticelliano
    Three Botticelli Pictures was composed in 1927. Inspired by three well known Botecelli paintings in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. The three are 'La Primavera' (Spring); 'The Adoration of The Magi'; and 'The Birth of Venus'. Each piece is an arrangement of early music collected by Respighi similar to his collection of Ancient Airs and Dances suites.

  13. Reznicek, Emil Von Donna Diana Overture
    (born in Vienna on May 4, 1860). His popular opera Donna Diana is NOT the story of a Canadian Mountie named "Preston", the overture popularized in Reznicek's lifetime by radio serial Sgt Preston of the Yukon Territory. (Reznicek died in 1945). The comic opera, with libretto by Julius Kapp, is based on a comedy of the same name by Moreto y Cavana. The opera premiered on December 16, 1894 by the Prague Opera. The story is set in Barcelona, during Catalonia's independence. Don Cesar is in love with Donna Diana who is indifferent to him. He uses the ruse of appearing cool to her and finally arouses her interest and eventually her love. (Sounds a bit like the Elixer of Love by Donizetti). He wrote 11 operas.

  14. Riegger, Wallingford Study in Sonority.

  15. Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai
    Selected Works

  16. Rochberg, George Sym No 2

    RODRIGO, Joaquin (1901 - 1999)
    He was blind from the age of three and lived through the entire 2oth century composing for the guitar from a special braille composing machine. He was a professor of music at the Madrid University.

  17. Rodrigo, J Concierto de Aranjuez
    (kohn THEE-AIR toh day ah rahn KHWAYTH)
    It was Premiered in 1937 when Rodrigo was 36 years old. It was very popular and established him as a major contemporary composer.

  18. RODRIGO and The Classical Guitar
    The instrument was introduced to Spain by the Moors of Northern Africa. They occupied much of the area during the misddle ages. It was Antonio de Torres Jurado, a 19th century guitar craftsman, who constructed the 6 string classical guitar. Composer Francisco Tarrega developed the music to go with it.

  19. Rodrigo Fantasia Para Un Gentilehombre (OH'm bray, not AH'm bray)
    "Fantasy for a Gentleman of the Court"
    Composed in 1954. Rodrigo's modern orchestration based on 17th century music by Gaspar Sanz, a Spanish guitarist and composer. The work is dedicated to guitarist Andres Segovia.

  20. Rodrigo Invocation and Dance

  21. Rorem, Ned Eagles

  22. Rossini, Gioacchino Barber of Seville

  23. Rossini Il Signor Bruschino Opera

  24. Rossini La Cenerentola
    Comedic Opera based on the Cinderella story. FP Rome 1817.

  25. Rossini La Gazza Ladra

  26. Rossini L'Italiana in Algeri

  27. Rossini La Scala di Seta

  28. Rossini Semiramide Overture
    The overture Rossini's Semiramide premiered in Venice in 1823. His last opera for the Italian stage. It is based on Voltaires tragedy 'Semiramis'.

  29. Rossini William Tell

  30. Roussel, Albert Bacchus et Ariane

  31. Roussel, Albert 'Evocations'
    Portraits of Hindu dieties and temples of Indochina. The Pink City and the Cambodian ruins of Japor and a movement titled 'On the Banks of the Sacred River' with chorus and three soloists singing music set to text by M. D. Calvocoressi praising the beauty of nature.

  32. Roussel Sym No 3

  33. Rubinstein PC No 4 in d minor.
    It was often used in concert performances by Paderewski. It was one of six concertos he played in New York during the week of his American debut in November of 1891. And, according to Paderewski, it was during his performance of this concerto that his popularity increased and led to his legendary career.
    Rachmaninoff played the concerto in Russia at the concert he considered HIS official debut... and Rubinstein's most famous pupil, Josef Hoffman, performed it throughout HIS career.

  34. Ruggles, Carl Men and Mountains

  35. Ruggles Portals

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