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Magazine DescriptionStrings is written by and for players and teachers of bowed stringed instruments. Each issue features lively interviews with such luminaries as Itzhak Perlman, Edgar Meyer, and Yo-Yo Ma. Plus, it's filled with music to play, from long-forgotten pieces to new works.

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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ T ~

  1. Tailleferre, Germaine 'Harp Concerto'
    Composed in 1928 when she was a young girl. She entered the Paris Conservatory at the age of 12 with Mihaud and Honegger as classmates. She was an intimate of Satie, Poulenc and Auric.

  2. Tallis, Thomas

  3. Tanner, Jerre 'Boy With A Goldfish'
    This work brings ancient Hawaiian mythology to contemporary concert music. The concept of this work came from the paintings of Hawaii artist John Thomas. On a Veresa Saraband recording Leon Siu and Malia Elliott have joined the art of song with Thomas' inspiration and the music of Jerre Tanner. The works movements are titled 'Chant - Goldfish - Innocent Summer - Descent - Soft Wind - Dawn - (The orchestral tone poem) Desire, Seduction and Battle - and the concluding movement - Turn. The recording catalog number is #VCDM 1000.3 with Lee Holdridge conducting the London Symphony Orchestra with the Nigel Brooks chorus and the voices of Leon and Malia.

  4. Tarrega, Francisco (1852 - 1909) Recuerdos de la Alhambra
    Composed for the new Spanish guitar being used as a concert instrument, this short work depicts the Moorish palace in Granada. The tremolo music line reflects the rippling fountains in the tranquil courtyards of 'The Alhambra'.

  5. Tchaikovsky, Peter I. Selected Works

  6. Telemann Concerto in G for Two violas and strings
    A German concerto composed in the late baroque period by G P Telemann.

  7. Late German Baroque concerto.

  8. Telemann Pimpinone Opera

  9. Telemann 'Suite in a, for flute and strings'.

  10. Telemann 'Suite in D'
    The French 'Overture avec la suite' is a many movement work with an overture and a few dances . A Style well done by German Baroque composers such as Telemann who mastered the French and Italian styles by producing over 200 pieces. Most have not survived, but this one is listed in the Kassel catalog as number 55. It is from Telemann's Second Taffelmusik production.

  11. Telemann 'Seine at Night'

  12. Tippet 'Byzantium'
    Commissioned by the Chicago Sym. One long movement, based on Yeats' poem.

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