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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ V ~

  1. Vanhall Viola Concerto in C
    The prolific Bohemian Jan Vanhall, born in 1739, composed over 100 symphonies and many string quartets, 26 Masses, 36 offertorios and many concertos.

    Varese, Edgard ' Arcana '

  2. Varese 'Ecuatorial'

  3. Varese 'Integrales'

  4. Varese 'Ionisation'

  5. Vaughan Williams, Ralph (RAfe)

  6. Verdi works list.

  7. Verdi Aida

  8. Verdi 'Don Carlo' Opera
    His greatest operatic work. From the 1860's various cuts have been made in the opera when know today.

  9. Verdi Requiem Mass

  10. Vejvanofsky
    He lived beween 1633 and 1693
    He was a musician in the Moravian court and a master trumpet player. He wrote many pieces for brass in the Moravian court where he was a colleague of the sucessful comoposers Schmeltzer and Biber.
    His Sonata Natalis was composed in 1674 for the Christmas season.

  11. Villa-Lobos 'Bachianas Brasilieras No 5'
    A rapport between Bach and native South American folk idioms. The first MMT is an aria. The second MMT is a dance. Soprano Kiri Te Kanawa recorded the work in Portugese for Decca-London with a cello ensemble directed by Lynn Harrell (CD Decca 411 730-2) 11'00"

  12. Villa-Lobos 'Choro #1'
  13. Villa-Lobos Concerto for Guitar
    Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, (HY' tor VEE yah LOH bosch) was born on March 5th in 1887. He composed most of his guitar concertos after visiting the USA in 1945. His concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra was written in 1951. It incorporates his recollections of the street melodies of his youth in Rio. The work stayed on the shelves of his publisher in Paris, for five years, hidden as a fantasia Concertante. It was revised in 1945 as the work known today.

  14. Vivaldi, Antonio
    Selected Works

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