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Notes on Major Compositions
listed by composer
~ W ~

  1. Wagner Gotterdamerung (Twilight of the Gods) Seigfried's Funeral Music; Siegfried's Rhine Journey

  2. Wagner Flying Dutchman
    The opera about the sailing vessel 'Dutchman' doomed to sail the seas forever. The siren Senta continues her love for the captain after seeing only a painting of him. He is freed from the curse when she makes a self-sacrifice.
    Wagner's opera dates from 1841. It was FP in Dresden in January of 1843. As you listen to the overture, picture a storm blasting the Norwegian coast and look for the vessel 'The Flying Dutchman' on the horizon.

  3. Wagner Forest Murmers from "Siegfried"
    A lyric interlude from the second act of Siegfried. FP at Bayreuth. (BY root) in 1876. Siegfried enjoying the rustle of the trees in the forest contemplates the beauty of the sylvan setting. He trys to express his feeling through melodies he plays on his horn.

  4. Wagner Lohengrin Prelude

  5. Wagner Mastersinger von Nurnberg

  6. Wagner Parsifal Prelude and Good Friday Music

  7. Wagner Ride of the Valkyrie Die Walkurie

  8. Wagner The RING Plot Synopsis

  9. Wagner Siegfried Idyll

  10. Wagner Tannhauser

  11. Wagner Tristan Und Isolde
    Prelude and Love Death Opera, completed in 1859 about the doomed union of T & I.

  12. Walton 'March' from Battle of Britain
    The score for the 1969 film was rejected by United Artists and returned to the publisher on Walton's 70th birthday. A suite was made after the composer's death by Collin Mathews.

  13. Walton 'Sym No 1'

  14. Weber, Ben 'Concerto for Piano and Orchestra' Op 52

  15. Weber, Carl Maria Von Clarinet Concerto No 1
    The FP of this concerto met with frantic applause from the audience in Munich in November 1811. Weber noted this approval of his work was due to the splendid performance of soloist Henrich Barmann.

  16. Weber, C M 'Konzertstuk' Op 79

  17. Weber, C M Euryanthe

  18. Weber Overture to Der Freischutz
    Carl Maria Von Weber, born in 1786.
    The Enchanted Marksman, Der Freischutz, revolutionized German Opera in 1820 and broke the Italian and French monopoly of the operatic stage. Based on a folk tale it's his opus 77.

  19. Weber, C M Oberon

  20. Weber Symphonic Metamorphosis on themes of CM Von Weber See Hindemith, Paul

  21. Webern, Anton Five Movements for strings, Op 5

  22. Webern Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op 10

  23. Webern Six Pieces for Orchestra, Op 6

  24. Webern Symphony, Op 21

  25. Webern Variations, op 30

  26. Weill One Touch of Venus
    FP at New York's Imperial Theater, October 7, 1943. It ran for 567 Perf. Kurt Weill wrote the music and did all of the orchestrations. The text was by Ogden Nash with S. J. Perlman. The story of the statue that comes to life to give her affections to the meek mortal who gave her life. The hit song from the show was 'Speak Low' which comes in the second act sung by Venus, Mary Martin, and her reluctant lover Rodney Hatch played by Kenny Baker.

  27. Weill, Kurt Three Penny Opera
    The work deals with a grim and restive Germany in the 1920's. A successful premiere was staged on August 31st, 1928 in Berlin. A later european tour, led to the banning of the work which panned the Third Reich. After the collapse of Nazi power the work was celebrated around the world with Lotte Lenya, Weil's wife, in the cast. The lyrics were by Bertold Brecht.

  28. Wesley, Charles
    Organ Concertos Sets 2 and 3

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