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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. A John Field Suite HARTY
  2. A Life for the Czar GLINKA
  3. A Midsummer Night's Dream MENDELSSOHN (Incidental Music)
  4. Abduction From The Seraglio MOZART Opera
  5. Abdelazar PURCELL Stage Music
  6. Abegg Variations SCHUMANN P
  7. Abeilles, Les COUPERIN Hpcd
  8. Abencerrages, Les CHERUBINI Overture
  9. Abendlied SCHUMANN P
  10. Abends, Des SCHUMANN P
  11. Abschied von Meinem Silbermannischen BACH, CPE P
  12. Abu Hassan WEBER (AH boo HAH sahn) Overture
  13. Academic Festival BRAHMS Overture
  14. Acis and Galatea (A sis and gal ah TAY ah) (HANDEL
  15. Adagio for Strings BARBER
  16. Adelaide ou la language des fleurs RAVEL (ah deh LEHD oo lah lahn GAHJ deh flor)(Language of the Flowers)
  17. Adieux, Les BEETHOVEN P Son Op 81
  18. Adriana Lecouvrer CILEA (CHAH lay ah) (ah dree AH nah luh koov ROHR)
  19. Adventures in a Perambulator CARPENTER Orch
  20. Adventurers Overture Albert W. Ketelbey
  21. Africaine, L' (lah free kahn) MEYERBEER Opera, Paris 28APR1865
  22. Africa Fantasie Op 89 Camille Saint-Saens
  23. African Dances VILLA-LOBOS
  24. Afro-American Sym STILL Sym No 1
  25. Afternoon of a Faun DEBUSSY P - Orch
  26. Age of Anxiety BERNSTEIN Sym No 2
  27. Agon (A' gahn) STRAVINSKY
  28. Ah! non creda mirati (ah non KRAY dah mee RAHr tee) La Sonnambula BELLINI
  29. Ah! Perfido BEETHOVEN (ah PAIR fee doh)
  30. Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman MOZART P
  31. Aida VERDI Opera Cairo 12/24/1871
  32. Air de ballet Op 30 Cecile Chaminade
  33. Air on the G-String BACH Orchestral Suite No 3
  34. Akhnaten GLASS Opera
  35. Ala and Lolli PROKOFIEV Scythian Suite
  36. Aladdin Suite Op 34 Carl Nielsen
  37. Alassio Overture Op 50 In the South Sir Edward Elgar
  38. Albaicin, El ALBENIZ Guitar
  39. Alborada del Graciosa RAVEL P - Orch
  40. Albumblatt WAGNER P
  41. Album for the Young SCHUMANN P
  42. Album Leaves GRIEG P Op 28
  43. Alceste (al SEST) GLUCK Overture - Opera (AHL zahf) Also a French-German town
  44. Alceste LULLY Opera
  45. Alcestis FINE, V (ahl SEHS tis)
  46. Alcina HANDEL Opera (ahl CHEE nah)
  47. Aleko RACHMANINOFF (ah LEH koh) Opera title character
  49. Alessandro Stradella FLOTOW Orch
  50. Alexander Balus HANDEL Opera
  51. Alexander Nevsky PROKOFIEV Cantata
  52. Alfonso and Estrella SUPPE Overture
  53. Ali Baba Overture Giovanni Bottesini
  54. A Life For the Czar GLINKA (zahr)
  55. Alla Tedesco BEETHOVEN P Son #25
  56. All By Myself (Eric Carmen) RACHMANINOFF PC
  57. Allegro Barbaro BARTOK P
  58. Alleluja HAYDN Sym No 30
  59. Alma Brasileira Choro No 5 Heitor Villa-Lobos
  60. Alpine Sym STRAUSS, R Orch
  61. Also Sprach Zarathustra STRAUSS, R Orch (zah rah TOOz' trah)
  62. Alto Rhapsody BRAHMS M-Sop & Orch
  63. Alt Wien GODARD P
  64. Alzira VERDI Opera, Naples 1845
  65. Amadis de Gaule LULLY Opera
  66. Amahl and the Night Visitors MENOTTI Opera
  67. Amaranth Polka Op 434 Josef Strauss
  68. Amaryllis LOUIS XIII P
  69. Amazonas VILLA LOBOS (ah mah ZOH nush)
  70. Amazing Grace See 'Emblems For Band' COPLAND
  71. Am Camin SCHUMANN P - "At The Hearth" from 'Scenes of Childhood'
  72. Amelia a ballo (ah MAY' lyah al bahl' oh) MENOTTI Opera 'Ameila at the Ball
  73. American DVORAK String Quartet Op 9
  74. American Eagle Waltz Jacques Offenbach
  75. American Festival SCHUMAN, Wm- Overture
  76. American In Paris GERSHWIN Orch
  77. Ameriques VERESE (ver ACE) (ah meh REEK)
  78. Amico Fritz MASCAGNI
  79. Amor Brujo, El FALLA (Love, The Scorcerer aka Love Magician)
  80. Amore dei Tre Re, see: L'Amore (Love of the Three Kings) MONTEMEZZI Opera, La Scala Milan 20APR1913
  81. Amour, L Medecin LULLY Opera
  82. Amour et son amour (Love and his Love) FRANCK (ah MOOR ay sawn ah MOOR)
  83. Anacreon (ah NAH cray ohn) CHERUBINI Overture
  84. Anacreon chez Polycrate GRETRE Op Paris 1/17/1797
  85. An American In Paris GERSHWIN
  86. An English Suite Sir Charles Hubert H. Parry
  87. An Irish Symphony HARTY
  88. An Italian Rant John Playford
  89. An Outdoor Overture Aaron Copland
  90. Ancient Aires and Dances RESPIGHI Suites (for Lute)
  91. Ancient Voices of Children CRUMB
  92. An die Ferne Geliebte BEETHOVEN (ahn dee FAIR neh geh LEEP teh)
  93. An die Nachtigall (ahn dee NAHCH tee gahl) BRAHMS lieder
  94. And This Is My Beloved KISMET (Broadway)WRIGHT - BORODIN 3mmt SQ #2 in D, also orchestrated as "Nocturne for Strings"
  95. Andalucia LECUONA P
  96. Andante Favori BEETHOVEN P
  97. Andante Religioso HALVORSEN V/Orch
  98. An der Schonen Blauen Dona STRAUSS, J 'Blue Danube' Waltz
  99. Andrea Chenier GIORDANO (ah DRAY ah shen YAY)
  100. Angot, Mamzelle LECOCQ (Mam ZELL ahn GOH)
  101. Aniers sur la Route de Seville INFANTE
  102. Animaux Modeles POULENC (ah nee MOH moh DEL)
  103. Anitra's Dance GRIEG Peer Gynt
  104. Anna Magdalena Notebook (AH nah mag dah LAY nah) BACH short pieces -P-
  105. Anna Karenina (Kah REH neh nah)
  106. Annes de Pelerinage (Years Of Pilgrimage) LISZT Piano works (AHN nay duh pay lehr ree NAHJE)
  107. An Outdoor Overture Aaron Copland
  108. Antar RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Sym No 2
  109. Antarctica VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Sym No 7
  110. Antiche Danze Ed Arie per Liuto RESPIGHI
  111. Antigonae ORFF (ahn TIH guh nee)
  112. Antony and Cleopatra BARBER Opera
  113. Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore Giuseppe Verdi
  114. Apache Dance OFFENBACH
  115. Apocalypse MENOTTI
  116. Apollo STRAVINSKY (ah PAH loh)
  117. Apollon Musagetes STRAVINSKY Ballet (ah poh lohn moo sah jhet)
  118. Appalachia DELIUS Orch
  119. (ah pah LAY chee ah)
  120. Appalachian Spring COPLAND Orch (ah pah LAY chee ahn)
  121. Appassionata BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata Op 57 (ah pahz ya oh NAH tah)
  122. Apres un Reve (After A Dream) FAURE
  123. L'Apprenti Sorcier DUKAS Orch 'Sorcerer' Apprentice
  124. April IRELAND -p-
  125. Arabella STRAUSS, R (ah rah BEL lah)
  126. Arabeske SCHUMANN P
  127. Arabesque No. 2 in G Claude Debussy
  128. Aranjuez, Concierto de RODRIGO G Or
  129. Arcana VARESE
  130. Archduke BEETHOVEN Piano Trio Op 97
  131. Aria - Goldberg Variations BEETHOVEN P
  132. Ariadne and Bluebeard DUKAS Opera, Paris 10 MAY1907
  133. Ariadne auf Naxos STRAUSS, R (ah ree AHD nay owf NAHK sos)(Ariadne on the Island of Naxos)
  134. Arioso, from Sonata 156 Johann Sebastian Bach
  135. Arioso TARTINI P
  136. Arlecchino BUSONI (ahr leh KEE noh)
  137. Arlequin LACK P
  138. Arlequin Marie S Fille INGHELBRECHT Orch
  139. L'Arlesienne Suites BIZET Orch
  140. Armide GLUCK Ballet
  141. Aroldo VERDI Opera, Rimini 1857
  142. Arpeggione SCHUBERT P,V Son
  143. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Solomon George Frideric Handel
  144. Artist's Life STRAUSS, J Waltzes
  145. Art of the Fugue BACH
  146. Ascension, 'L (lah sahn syon) MESSIAEN, Olivier
  147. Ase's Death GRIEG Peer Gynt.
  148. Asturiana from Seven Spanish Songs Manuel de Falla
  149. As You Like It GERMAN Orch
  150. Atalanta Overture George Frideric Handel
  151. Athalia Overture Op 74 (a-tha-LYE-a) Felix Mendelssohn
  152. Atlas Eclipticalis CAGE
  153. Atmospheres LIGETTI
  154. At The Hearth SCHUMANN P Scenes of Childhood.
  155. Attila VERDI Opera, La Finice, Venice 1846
  156. Atys LULLY Opera
  157. Au Bord d'Une Source LISZT P At The Spring fr "Years of Travel"
  158. Au fond du temple saint BIZET (oh fohn du tahm pl sen) from Pearl Fishers
  159. Auf dem Kirchhofe (owf dem keer SHOF feh)BRAHMS lieder
  160. Aufschwung SCHUMANN P 'Soaring'
  161. Au Lac de Wallenstadt LISZT fr "Years of Travel"
  162. Au Matin GODARD P
  163. Auld Lang Syne by SHIELD, William (1748-1829) a boat builder and opera composer for the Drury Lane theater. b- Swalwell-on-Tyne England.
  164. Aus Italien STRAUSS, R Sym
  165. Aus Meinem Leben SMETANA Quartet
  166. Autumn Song (October) TCHAIKOVSKY from "Seasons"
  167. Ave Maria Charles Gounod

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