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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep QUILTER "Children's Overture" Orch
  2. Baal Shem (bahl shehm)BLOCH V-P
  3. Baba Yaga (BAH bah yah GAH) LIADOFF Orch
  4. Babes In Toyland HERBERT Operetta
  5. Babi Yar SHOSTAKOVICH Sym No 13
  6. Bacchanale WAGNER fr Opera 'Tannhauser'
  7. Bacchus et Ariane (bah KUS ay ah ree AHN) ROUSSEL
  8. Bachanale SAINT-SAENS fr 'Sampson and Delilah'
  9. Bachianas Brasileiras (bach ee AH' nahz brah sil YAIR' us) VILLA LOBOS Concertos 1-5 (In the style of bach)
  10. Bagpipe, The LOEFFLER Trio
  11. Baiser de la Fee, Le (luh bay zay duh lah fay)(The Fairy's Kiss)STRAVINSKY Ballet on Tchaikovsky music
  12. Ballad of Baby Doe MOORE Opera
  13. Bal Costume RUBINSTEIN
  14. ballad (BAL id) slow, sentimental dancing song
  15. ballade (bah LAHD) romantic piano composition
  16. Ballade et Polonaise VIEUXTEMPS V-P
  17. Balladen der liebe ( bah LAH den der LEE bah) BRUCH (Love Ballads)
  18. Ballet Egyptien LUIGINI Orch
  19. Ballet Mecanique ANTHEIL (bah LAY may kahn eek)
  20. Ballo Delle Ingrate (BAH loh del lah een GRAH tay) MONTEVERDI
  21. Ballo in Maschera VERDI Overture - Opera
  22. Banchetto Musicale SCHEIN String Quartet
  23. Banditenstreiche SUPPE Overture
  24. Bandoline, La COUPERIN
  25. Banquet Celeste (bahn keh say lest) MESSIAEN, Olivier
  26. Bandoneon (accordion like instrument) (Bahn DOH nee non)
  27. Barbe Bleu OFFENBACH Opr Ov
  28. Barber of Seville ROSSINI Opera Rome 2/20/1816
  29. Barbier von Bagdad, Der CORNELIUS Opera and Overture
  30. Barcarolle (June) TCHAIKOVSKY 'Seasons'
  31. Barchetta NEVIN P
  32. Bard, The SIBELIUS Orch
  33. Baricades Misterieuses, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  34. Bartered Bride SMETANA Opera Prague 5/30/1886
  35. Bastien et Bastienne (bah STEE YEN ay bah STEE YEN) MOZART Opera
  36. Bateau, En (Boating) from Petite Suite o(n) bah TOH Claude Debussy
  37. Battle of the Huns Symphonic Poem No. 1 Hunnenschlacht Franz Liszt
  38. Battle of Legnano VERDI
  39. Battle Suite Francois Couperin
  40. Baubles, Bangles and Beads WRIGHT Kismet (Broadway show) from BORODIN 2mmt St Q #2 in D
  41. Bavolet Flottant, Le COUPERIN Hpscd
  42. Bayadere Galop (bah-yah-DAIR)A dancing girl, Bedrich Smetana
  43. Beata Vergine, de missa (MISS sah day bee AH tah VEHR jee nay) PRES
  44. Beatrice and Benedict (bay ah TREES ay beh neh DICHT) BERLIOZ Overture
  45. Beatrice di Tenda (bay ah TREE chay dee TEN dah) BELLINI
  46. Beau Soir (boh SWAR) DEBUSSY Song
  47. Beautiful Blue Danube, The STRAUSS, J Waltz
  48. Beautiful Galetea (gah lah TAY ah) SUPPE
  49. Beautiful Rosmarin Fritz Kreisler
  50. Bear HAYDN Sym No 82
  51. Belgian Paratroopers Pierre Leemans
  52. Bell KHACHATURIAN Sym No 2
  53. Belle Helene (Fair Helen) OFFENBACH Opr Ov
  54. Bellerofonte TERRADELLAS Op London 4/4/1747
  55. Bell Ringing Op 54 no. 4 Edvard Grieg
  56. Bells, The BYRD Hpscd
  57. Bells, The Rachmaninov
  58. Bells of Aberdovy GERMAN Orch fr. Welsh Rhapsody
  59. Bells of St. Genevieve Marin Marais (1656-1728) mar-ANN ma-RAY
  60. Belshazar's Feast (BELL shu zarz) WALTON
  61. Belshazzar Overture George Frideric Handel
  62. Benediction de Dieu dans la Solitude LISZT P
  63. Benvenuto Cellini (ben veh NOO toh cheh LEE nee) BERLIOZ Ov
  64. Berceuse (behr SEYOUZ) CHOPIN
  65. Berceuse GODARD fr. Jocelyn
  66. Berceuse Romantique (Romantic Lullaby) Fritz Kreisler
  67. Berenice (ber ah NEE chay)(Overture, Minuet and Gigue) George Frideric Handel
  68. Bergers (bare JHAY') MESSIAEN, Olivier
  69. Bergeries, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  70. Bersan, La COUPERIN Hpscd
  71. Bianchina, La Sonata No. 5 Maurizio Cazzati
  72. Biches, Les POULENC
  73. Billy The Kid COPLAND Ballet
  74. Bird HAYDN String Quartet Op 33
  75. Bird as Prophet SCHUMANN P
  76. Birds, The Gli Uccelli Respighi
  77. Birraio, Il RICCI, L Op Florence 2/4/1847
  78. Birthday of the Infanta SCHREKER O
  79. Birthday of the Infanta (in FAHN tah) ZEMLINSKY
  80. Black Mass SCRIABIN Piano Sonata No 9
  81. Black Key CHOPIN Etude Op 10 No 5 in Gflat
  82. Blithe Bells based on JS Bach's Sheep May Safely Graze Percy Aldridge Grainger
  83. Bluebird Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
  84. Blue Danube Waltz STRAUSS, J Orch
  85. Blue Towers FINE
  86. Boat Song MENDELSSOHN Scherzo Op 16 P
  87. Boccaccio SUPPE Ov
  88. Boeuf sur le Toit, Le (The Ox on the Roof) MILHAUD Ch Or
  89. Bohemian Folk Dances JANACEK Or
  90. Bohemian Girl, The BALFE Or
  91. Boheme, La LEONCAVALLO Opera
  92. Boheme, La PUCCINI Opera Turin 2/1/1896
  93. Boite a Joujoux (Toy Box) ((Lah BWAT eh zhoo zhoo) DEBUSSY Ballet - Orch suite (1913) based on childrens stories.
  94. Bolero (bah LAIR oh )RAVEL Or/Spanish dance
  95. Bonduca, or The British Heroine PURCELL Opera
  96. Bonne Chanson FAURE
  97. Bon Voyage, Monsieur Dumollet INGHELBRECHT Or
  98. Boris Godunov (bah REES goo dune OFF) MOUSSORGSKY Opera St. Petersburg 1/24/1874
  99. Botticelli Triptych Trittico Botticelliano Ottorino Respighi
  100. bourree (boo RAY) baroque dance.
  101. Bourree Fantasque (boo RAY fan TAHSK) CHABRIER
  102. Bourgeois Gentilhomme, Le LULLY Opera

  103. (BOR zhee wah Zhen tee OHM)
  104. Bourgeois Gentilhomme STRAUSS, R Or Suite
  105. Boutique Fantasque, La ROSSINI
  106. Boutique Fantasque, La RESPIGHI-ROSSINI Or Suite
  107. Boy With Goldfish TANNER Orch/Soloists
  108. Brandenburg Concertos BACH Ch Or Nos 1-6
  109. bransle (BRAHN lah) baroque dance
  110. Brazilian Impressions Ottorino Respighi
  111. Brian Boru (boh ROO) March (Irish)
  112. Brigg Fair DELIUS Or
  113. Britannia A Nautical Overture Sir Alexander Mackenzie
  114. British Heroine PURCELL Opera
  115. Bronwen HOLBROOKE Ov
  116. Bruyeres DEBUSSY P Preludes Bk I
  117. Bullfighter's Prayer La Oracion del Torero Joaquin Turina
  118. Bumble Boogie - Bee Bumble and the Stingers GRIEG PC in a
  119. Burger als Edelmann, Der STRAUSS, R Orch
  120. Burleske STRAUSS, R P & Or
  121. Burlesque BARTOK
  122. Butterfly GRIEG Norwegian Melodies
  123. Butterfly Lovers Concerto
  124. Butterfly Etude CHOPIN No 9 in G
  125. By Land and Sea Kenneth J. Alford
  126. By the Beautiful Blue Danube Op 314 Johann Strauss II
  127. By the River in Spring Michael Head

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