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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Earl of Essex Galliard, The DOWLAND
  2. Easter Oratorio BACH
  3. Easter Overture (Russian Easter Overture) RIMSKY-KORSAKOV
  4. Eclat (a KLAH) BOULEZ
  5. Eclogue Op 10 Gerald Finzi
  6. Ecossaises BEETHOVEN P
  7. Ecossaises CHOPIN P
  8. Ecuatorial VARESE
  9. Edgar Allan Poe ARGENTO Opera
  10. Egmont BEETHOVEN Ov
  11. Egyptian March Op 335 Aeyptischer Marche Johann Strauss II
  12. Ein Deutsches Requiem (Iyn DOY chiss REK vee im) A German Requiem BRAHMS
  13. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (EYE nah kl-eye nah Nakt Moo zeek) MOZART K525 Serenade
  14. Ein Heldenleben (IYN hel din lay bin) 'A Hero's Life' STRAUSS, R Orch
  15. Ein Sonnett (in ZON net) BRAHMS lieder
  16. Eighteen-1812 Festival TCHAIKOVSKY Ov
  17. Ein Sonett (IYn zohn ETT) BRAHMS
  18. E la solita storia (ay lah SOH lee tah STOH ree ah) CILEA
  19. El Amour Brujo (el ah MOOR BROO hoh) Love, The Magician FALLA
  20. El Cid Overture Op 27 Johan Wagenaar
  21. El Salon Mexico (el sah LOHN MEH hee koh) COPLAND
  22. El Sombrero de tre picos (el sohm BRAIR og day tray PEE kohz) Three Cornered Hat FALLA
  23. Elektra STRAUSS, R
  24. Eligiaque RACHMANINOFF Piano Trio No 2 in d (In Memory of Tchaikovsky)
  26. Elegy (ay lay jhee) (Invocation) MASSENET Orch
  27. Elektra STRAUSS, R Opera Dresden 1/25/1909
  28. Elf Hill Overture Op 100 Elverhoj Friedrich Kuhlau (FREE-drik KOO-low)
  29. Elfin Dance GRIEG P
  30. Elisir de Amour (Elixer of Love) DONIZETTI
  31. Elizabethan Dance Suite Anthony Holborne
  32. Emblems for Band COPLAND (Amazing Grace)
  33. Empire March (1924) Sir Edward Elgar
  34. Emporer BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No 5
  35. Emporer HAYDN String Quartet Op 76
  36. Emporer Jones, The GRUENBERG Opera MET NYC 1/7/1933
  37. Emporer Waltzes STRAUSS, JOS Orch
  38. Empress of the Pagodas Maurice Ravel
  39. En Bateau (ohn bah TOH) (In a boat) DEBUSSY Petite Suite Orch
  40. Enchanted Lake LIADOV Orch
  41. Enfance du Christ, L (Childhood of Christ) BERLIOZ
  42. Enfant et les Sortileges RAVEL
  43. English PARRY Sym No 3
  44. English Folksong Suite VAUGHAN WILLIAMS
  45. Engulfed Cathedral DEBUSSY P Orch
  46. Enigma Variations Sir Edward ELGAR Orch
  47. Ennanga for String Quartet, Harp, and Piano William Grant Still
  48. En Saga SIBELIUS Orch
  49. Entrance of the Gods Into Valhalla WAGNER Op 'Das Rhinegold'
  50. Entry Of the Gladiators FUCIK Orch
  51. Eolides, Les FRANCK
  52. Epigraphes Antiques (a pee grahf ahn teek) DEBUSSY
  53. Erinnyes, Les MASSENET Orch
  54. Ernani (er NAHN ee) VERDI Opera
  55. Eroica (ay ROH ee kah) BEETHOVEN Sym No 3 'Heroic'
  56. Eroica Etude LISZT P (ay ROH ee kah)
  57. Erosion aka 'Erosao' (eh roo ZOW) VILLA LOBOS
  58. Erotic GRIEG P
  59. Erwartung (er VAHR toong) SCHOENBERG
  60. Escales (A skahl) IBERT Orch
  61. Espana (es PAN yah)CHABRIER Rhapsody for Orch
  62. Espana Waltzes WALDTEUFEL Orch
  63. Espansiva NIELSEN Sym No 3
  64. Esquisses (es KEEZ) 'Sketches'
  65. Essay For Orchestra BARBER Orch
  66. Estampes (es tahnp) DEBUSSY P
  67. Estancia (eh STAHN see ah) 'Ranch' GINASTERA
  68. Esther WEISGALL Opera
  69. l'Estro Armonico VIVALDI Orch
  70. Estudiantina Waltzes WALDTEUFEL Orch
  71. l'Etang (The Pool) LOEFFLER
  72. Et Ecce Terrae Motus (et EH chay TEH reh MOH tooz) BRUMEL
  73. Et Folkesagn (Bridal Waltz) GADE
  74. Etincelles (Sparks) MOSZKOWSKI P
  75. Etudes of Chopin Description : Chopin Etudes and their popular names
  76. Etudes d'Execution Transcendante (ay TOOD deck seh koo SYOHN tran sahn DAHNT) Trancendental Etudes LISZT
  77. Eucaristica Pablo Casals
  78. Eugen Onegin (yoo JEEN OHN yay gin) TCHAIKOVSKY Op
  79. Eugen Onegin Polonaise TCHAIKOVSKY Orch
  80. Eugen Onegin Waltz TCHAIKOVSKY Orch
  81. Euryanthe WEBER Ov
  82. Evening Hymn Balfour Gardiner
  83. Evening in the Mountains No. 4 Op 68 Edvard Grieg
  84. Evening Prayer Hansel and Gretel Engelbert Humperdinck
  85. Evening Star - Luceafarul BRETAN Opera
  86. Eventyr (A ven teer) nDELIUS Orch
  87. Evocation ALBENIZ Orch 'Iberia'
  88. Evocations ROUSSEL

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