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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
~ F ~

  1. Facade (fah SAHD) WALTON
  2. Facades from Glassworks Philip Glass
  3. Fadograph of a Yestern Scene BARBER
  4. Fair at Sorochinski, The MOUSSORGSKY Orch
  5. Fair Helen (Belle Helene) OFFENBACH
  6. Fairy's Kiss (Divertimento) STRAVINSKY/TCHAIKOVSKY's Music
  7. Fairy Queen PURCELL Opera
  8. Fairy Tales MEDTNER
  9. Fall Ballads ATERBERG
  10. Fall of the Leaf FINZI (Orch by Furguson) FP 1957
  11. Falstaff ELGAR Orch
  12. Falstaff VERDI Opera Milan 2/9/1893
  13. Famille Suisse, La BOIELDIEU Op Paris 2/11/1797
  14. Fancy Free BERNSTEIN Ballet
  15. Fandanguillo TURINA
  16. Fanfare For the Common Man COPLAND Orch (Sym No 3)
  17. Fantasia on a Theme By Thomas Tallis VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Orch
  18. Fantasia On Greensleeves VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (Arr of English Folksong)
  19. Fantasia on Welsh Nursery Tunes Grace Williams
  20. Fantasia para un gentilhombre Joaquin Rodrigo
  21. Fantasie for Piano and Orch DEBUSSY
  22. Fantasie-Impromptu CHOPIN P
  23. Fantasies Symphoniques MARTINU Sym No 6
  24. Fantasiestucke (fahn tah ZEE sctook eh) 'Fantasy Pieces' SCHUMANN
  25. Fantastic Symphony BERLIOZ Orch
  26. Fantastic Toy Shop RESPIGHI
  27. Fantasy for a Gentleman Fantasia para un gentilhombre Joaquin Rodrigo
  28. Fantasy on a Hymn Tune Thomas Canning
  29. Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Themes LISZT P & Orch
  30. Fantasy Pieces (Fantasiestucke) SCHUMANN
  31. Farewell HAYDN Sym No 45
  32. Farewell to Stromness Peter Maxwell Davies
  33. Faschingsschwank aus Wien (Carnival Time in Vienna) SCHUMANN P
  34. Fastes de la Grande et Ancienne Menestrandises, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  35. Fate Symphony BEETHOVEN Sym No 5
  36. Fatme (Zilde) FLOTOW Ov
  37. FAUST, Damnation of BERLIOZ
  38. Faust GOUNOD Opera Paris 3/19/1850
  39. Faust Overture, A WAGNER
  40. Faust Sym LISZT
  41. Favorita, La DONIZETTI
  42. Feen, La WAGNER Opera
  43. Femmes d'Espana (Spanish Ladies) TURINA G
  44. Feramors RUBINSTEIN Opera
  45. Fervaal D'INDY Op Brussels 3/12/1897
  46. Feste Burg ist unser Gott, Ein BACH Oratorio
  47. Feste Romane (FES tee Roh MAH nah)Roman Festivals Ottorino Respighi
  48. Festin de l'Araignee, Le ROUSSEL (Spider's Feast)
  49. Festival Polonaise SVENDSEN Orch
  50. Fest Overture LASSEN Orch
  51. Fete Dieu a Seville (Festival Day in Seville) ALBENIZ
  52. Fetes (feht)(DEBUSSY Nocturnes Orch
  53. Fetes de Hebe, Les RAMEAU Opera
  54. Fete Slave, Une GLAZUNOV St Q Op26 No 6 - Orch
  55. Feuille d'Images (foy dee MAHZH) AUBERT, L
  56. Fields of Spain (Por los campos de Espana) Joaquin Rodrigo
  57. Fidelio BEETHOVEN (fee DAY lyo) Opera Vienna 11/20/1805 3rd Overture Vienna 5/23/1814
  58. Fierrabras SCHUBERT Op (1823) Karlsruhe 2/9/1897
  59. Fifth of Beethoven - Walter Murphy (Private Stock Music) BEETHOVEN 5th Sym
  60. Fifths HAYDN String Quartet Op 76
  61. Figure Humaine (fee GUR you MEHN) POULENC
  62. Fileuse, La RAFF P
  63. Fille aux Cheveux de Lin, La (lah fee oh sheh veu duh lehn) DEBUSSY Preludes No 8
  64. Fille du Regiment, La DONIZETTI Opera
  65. Fille Mal Gardee HEROLD
  66. Filling Station, The THOMSON Ballet
  67. Fingal's Cave (Hebrides Overture) MENDELSSOHN Ov
  68. Finlandia SIBELIUS Tone Poem (Chorus) Orch
  69. Finnish Romance PALMGRIN
  70. Finta Giardiniera MOZART 'Pretended Garden Girl'
  71. Fire HAYDN Sym No 59
  72. Firebird STRAVINSKY Ballet
  73. Fireworks, Royal Music HANDEL Orch
  74. First Essay for Orch BARBER
  75. First Of May SHOSTAKOVICH Sym No 3
  76. Five-o'clock Foxtrot fr L'enfant et les Sorteleges Maurice Ravel
  77. Flatterer, The CHAMINADE P
  78. Fledermaus, Die (The Bat) STRAUSS, J
  79. Fleecy Cloud, The MENDELSSOHN 'Songs Without Words' P
  80. Fleurie, La COUPERIN Hpscd
  81. Flight Of The Bumble Bee RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Orch "Tsar Sultan"
  82. Flora Trio Sonata in A La Flore Jean-Fery Rebel
  83. Florentine Tragedy ZEMLINSKY Opera
  84. Flote von Sans-Souci, Die GRAENER
  85. Flotte Bursche SUPPE Ov
  86. Flower Clock FRANCAIX Or & Oboe L'Horloge de Flore Jean Francaix
  87. Flower Song LANGE P
  88. Flying Dutchman, The WAGNER Opera Dresden 1/2/1843
  89. Fold by Fold BOULEZ
  90. Folia, La "Most Lasting tune in Western Music"
  91. Folies d'Espagne, Les Marin Marais (1656-1728) (mar-ANN ma-RAY)
  92. Folies Francaises, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  93. Folk Song MENDELSSOHN 'Songs Without Words' P
  94. Folk Songs from Somerset (See: English Folk Song Suite by Vaughan Williams)
  95. Follette, La RAMEAU Hpscd
  96. Footsteps in the Snow Claude Debussy
  97. Forellen Quintet SCHUBERT Op 114
  98. Forest Murmers WAGNER Opera Siegfried.
  99. Forgotten Offerings MESSIAEN
  100. Forqueray, Le RAMEAU Hpscd No5
  101. Forza del Destino, La VERDI Opera
  102. Fountain of Arethusa, The SZYMANOWSKI V & P
  103. Fountains at the Villa d'Este LISZT P
  104. Fountains of Rome RESPIGHI Orch
  105. Four Aquarells AULIN
  106. Four Fanfares (for brass) INGHELBRECHT Brass
  107. Four Seasons (English folksong melody) Lawrence Ashmore
  108. Four Seasons, The VIVALDI
  109. Four Temperments NIELSEN Sym No 2
  110. Fra Diavolo AUBER Ov-Op ( frah dee AH voh loh)
  111. Francesca da Rimini (frahn CHESS kah dah RIH mih nee) RACHMANINOFF
  112. Francesca da Rimini TCHAIKOVSKY Op32 Orch
  113. Francesca da Rimini ZANDONAI
  114. Francs-Juges, Les BERLIOZ Ov
  115. Fratres (FRAH trace) PART
  116. Frau Ohne Schatten (Woman Without a Shadow)STRAUSS, R
  117. Freeshooter Overture Op 77 Carl Maria von Weber
  118. Freischutz, Der (The Free Shooter) WEBER Ov - Opera, Berlin 8JUN1821
  119. French Spirit Polka Emile Waldteufel
  120. Fresques de Piero Della Francesca MARTINU
  121. Friede set mit dir (FREE deh zi mit dear) BACH
  122. Friedenstag, Der (The Day of Peace) STRAUSS, R Opera, Munich 24JUL1938
  123. Frog and the Crow, The "A Children's Overture" QUILTER Orch
  124. Frog He Would a-Wooing Go, A QUILTER Orch
  125. Frog HAYDN String Quartet Op 50 No 6
  126. Froissart (FWA sart) ELGAR Overture
  127. From an Indian Lodge MacDOWELL Woodland Sketches P
  128. From Bohemia's Meadows and Forests SMETANA (My Fatherland) Orch
  129. From Foreign Lands SCHUMANN (Scenes From Childhood) P Op 15
  130. From Meadow to Mayfair In the Country Eric Coates
  131. From The New World DVORAK Sym No 9 (Old No 5)
  132. From Uncle Remus MacDOWELL P 'Woodland Sketches'
  133. Frosoblomster (Swedish island home of...)Wilhelm Peterson-Berger
  134. Fruhlingskinder Waltzes WALDTEUFEL
  135. Fruhlingsrauschen SINDING (Rustle of Spring)
  136. Fruhlingsstimmen Waltzer STRAUSS, J Jr. (Voices of Spring)
  137. Full Moon And Empty Arms RACHMANINOV Piano Con No 2 (3mmt)
  138. Funeralles, Les LISZT P
  139. Funeral March CHOPIN Piano Sonata No 2
  140. Funeral March MENDELSSOHN from Songs Without Words
  141. Funeral March of a Marionette GOUNOD
  142. Funeral Music HINDEMITH (For George V)
  143. Funeral Music LUTOSLAWSKI
  144. Funeral Triumph of Tasso LISZT
  145. Fur Elise BEETHOVEN P
  146. Fur Kenner and Liebhaber BACH P Son

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