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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
~ G ~

  1. Gadfly, with Romance for violin Op 97 Dmitri Shostakovich
  2. Gaite, La (Rondo Brilliant) WEBER P
  3. Gaite Parisienne (gay TAY pah ree zee EHN) OFFENBACH
  4. Galanta Dances (gah LAHN tah) KODALY Or
  5. Galitsin's Journey Khovanschina Modest Moussorgsky
  6. Ganz Allerliebst Waltz WALDTEUFEL
  7. Gardens In The Rain DEBUSSY
  8. Garden of Joy and Sadness (Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten) GUBAIDULINA (GAR ten fohn FROY duh oont TROW rihk ky ten)
  9. Garten fest (GAR ten fehst) MOZART
  10. Gaspard de la Nuit (gahs PAHR dul lah nwee) RAVEL
  11. Gassenhauser Trio (Street Song) BEETHOVEN Trio
  12. Gayane (Gynah, Gayne) (GY nuh, gah yah NEH, gy AHN, guy AHN eh) Ballet KHACHATURAN Orch
  13. Gazouillement, Le COUPERIN Hpscd
  14. Gazza Ladra, La (Theiving Magpie) ROSSINI Opera Ov FP 1817
  15. Geister BEETHOVEN Trio V, C, P
  16. Gemer Dances (GEH mer) MOYZES
  17. General Gudon's French Division March Georg Druschetzky
  18. General Lavine-Eccentric DEBUSSY Preludes Bk II P
  19. Genesis (zheh NAY zihsh) VILLA LOBOS
  20. GENT - GAND - GHENT (Belgium) (gehnt)
  21. George Washington Bridge SCHUMAN, Wm - Band
  22. George Whitehead, M (His Almand) DOWLAND Lute Str
  23. Georgescu, Remus (RAY mooz jor JES koo) ( - )Con
  24. Gerhardt, Charles (GEHR hart) ( - )Con
  25. German Requium, A BRAHMS
  26. Ghost BEETHOVEN Piano Trio Op 70
  27. Gianni Schicchi PUCCINI Opera MET NYC 12/14/1918
  28. Giara, La CASELLA Ballet
  29. Giddy Girl, A IBERT P
  30. Gigues (jheeg) DEBUSSY from Images for Orch
  31. Gilgamesh (GIL gah mesh) MARTINU
  32. Gioconda, La PONCHIELLI Opera Milan 4/8/1876
  33. Gioieli Della Madonna, I (See: Jewels of the Madonna)
  34. Girl of the Golden West PUCCINI Opera MET NYC 12/10/1910
  35. Girl With the Flaxen Hair DEBUSSY
  36. Girls and Boys Come Out to Play QUIL TER
  37. Giselle (zhih ZELL) ADAM
  38. Gitanerias LECUONA
  39. Giselle ADAM Ballet (jhee ZEL)
  40. Giulietta e Romeo ZANDONAI Orch
  41. Glagolitic Mass (glah guh LIH tik) JANACEK
  42. Gli Uccelli (GLEE oo chel ee) The Birds RESPIGHI
  43. Gloriana, with Courtly Dances Benjamin Britten
  44. Glory Be to God Op 71 no. 2 Alexander T. Grechaninov
  45. Gnomenreigen LISZT
  46. Gnossiennes SATIE
  47. Gold Dust Waltz Erik Satie
  48. Goldberg Variations BEETHOVEN P
  49. Golden Age SHOSTAKOVICH
  50. Golden Apple MOROSS Opera
  51. Golden Hills Film Suite Op 30 a Dmitri Shostakovich
  52. Golden Sonata PURCELL 2V Hpscd
  53. Golden Spinning Wheel Op 109 Antonin Dvorak
  54. Golden Wedding Polka Op 215 Emile Waldteufel
  55. Goldfish DEBUSSY P
  56. Goldfinch Chamber Concerto in D R 90 Antonio Vivaldi
  57. Golliwog's Cake Walk DEBUSSY Petite Suite
  58. Good Humored Ladies SCARLATI
  59. Gopak from Mazeppa (GOH-pack from Mah-ZEPP-uh) Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
  60. Gordian Knot Untied PURCELL Stage Music
  61. Gotterdammerung (Dusk of the Gods) WAGNER Opera Bayreuth 8/17/1876
  62. Gothic BRIAN Sym No 1
  63. Goyescas (goy ESS kahz) GRANADOS P Inspired by GOYA paintings
  64. Granada Isaac Albeniz
  65. Grand Canyon Suite GROFE Orch
  66. Grand Duo Concertant Op 48 Carl Maria von Weber
  67. Grande Breteche (grahnd breh TESH) CLAFLIN
  68. Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein OFFENBACH
  69. Grand Duchess of Gerolstein Overture Jacques Offenbach
  70. Grand Paque Russe, La RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Ov
  71. Grand Galop Chromatique LISZT P
  72. Gran Partita MOZART Serenade, K361
  73. Great SCHUBERT Sym No 9
  74. Green Garters John Johnsone
  75. Gretchen at the Spinningwheel Op 2 Franz Schubert
  76. Grillen (Whims) SCHUMANN P
  77. Griselda (gra ZEL dah) BONONCINI
  78. Grosse Fuge (GRO sah FOO gah) BEETHOVEN op 133
  79. Grumpy Old Bear Op 210 Julius Fucik (1872-1916)
  80. G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald (Tales From Vienna Woods) STRAUSS, J
  81. Guillaume Tell (gee YOHM tehl) ROSSINI (See: William Tell)
  82. Guirlande RAMEAU
  83. Guitarre MOSZKOWSKI P
  84. Guitarre, La DAQUIN Hpscd
  85. Gum Sucker's March GRAINGER
  86. Gurrelieder (GER ah lee der) Songs of Gurra SCHOENBERG
  87. Gwendolin CHABRIER Ov
  88. Gymnopedies (zhim noh pay DEE) SATIE P Orch
  89. Gypsy Airs SARASATE V & P
  90. Gypsy Baron Overture Johann Strauss II
  91. Gypsy Rondo HAYDN Trio No 1 in G; V, P, C

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