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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Habanera Maurice Ravel
  2. Haffner MOZART Sym No 35
  3. Haffner MOZART Serenade, K250
  4. Hail Gladdening Light Charles Wood
  5. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty SOUSA Band March
  6. Halka MONIUSZKO Ov
  7. Hamburgische Kapitanmusik (Hahm BOOR geh shuh kah pee TAHN moo zeek) TELEMANN
  8. Hamlet TOMAS
  10. Hammerklavier (HAM er klah feer)(BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata Op 106 1817-18
  11. Hansel and Gretel HUMPERDINCK Opera Weimar 12/23/1893
  12. Handle in the Strand GRAINGER
  13. Hansel and Gretel HUMPERDINCK Op
  14. Hans Heiling MARSHNER Ov
  15. Happy Farmer, The SCHUMANN Album for the Young P
  16. Happy Slaves Overture (Los esclavos) Juan Crisostomo Arriaga
  17. Harlequin's Millious DRIGO
  18. Harmonious Blacksmith HANDEL
  19. Harold In Italy BERLIOZ Cello and Orch
  20. Harmonie der welt (har moh NEE dair velt) HINDEMITH
  21. Harmonielere ADAMS Orchestral
  22. Harmoniemesse HAYDN Mass No 14 in Bflat
  23. Harmonious Blacksmith in E HWV 430 George Frideric Handel
  24. Harnasie (Har NAH shah) SZYMANOWSKI
  25. Harp Etude CHOPIN No 1 Op 25
  26. Harp BEETHOVEN String Quartet, K499
  27. Hary Janos (HAH ree YAH nosh) KODALY Suite of music from film, Orch
  28. Hassan (hah SAHN) DELIUS Or
  29. Havanaise (Heather) DEBUSSY Harp
  30. Haydn String Quartet No. 15 in a K 421 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  31. Heart PFITZNER
  32. Hebrides (Fingals Cave) MENDELSSOHN Ov
  33. Hejre Kati HUBAY
  34. Heldenleben, Ein (A Hero's Life) STRAUSS, R Orch
  35. Helios Overture Op 17 Carl Nielsen
  36. Hen HAYDN Sym No 83
  37. Henry V Suite (filmscore) Sir William Walton
  38. Henry VIII Dances Edward GERMAN orch
  39. Henry VIII SAINT-SAENS Ballet Music Orch
  40. Henry Noel, M His Galliard DOWLAND Lute
  41. Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush QUILTER
  42. Hermit Thrush at Morn, A Op 92 no. 2 Amy Marcy Cheney Beach
  43. Hero's Life, A See Ein Heldenleben
  44. Hero's Lullaby (Berceuse Heroique) Claude Debussy
  45. Herodiade (eh roh dYAHD) MASSENET Opera Brussels 12/19/1881
  46. Heure Espagnole (ER eh span YOL) RAVEL (See: Spanish Time)
  47. High School Cadet's March SOUSA Band March
  48. Hills of Anacapri, The DEBUSSY P
  49. L'Himen-Amour COUPERIN Hpscd
  50. Himmel Lacht, Der BACH Cantata No. 31
  51. Hippolyte et Aricie (ee poh LEET a ah ree SEE) RAMEAU
  52. L'Hirondelle DAQUIN Hpscd
  53. His conceit FARNABY Hpscd
  54. His Dreams FARNABY Hpscd
  55. His Humor FARBABY Hpscd
  56. His Rest FARBABY Hpscd
  57. Histoires IBERT P
  58. History of a Soldier (L'Historie du Soldat) (lee stwar doo sol daht)STRAVINSKY
  59. Hobby Horse SCHUMANN Scenes From Childhood P
  60. Hofballtanze Op 161 Court Ball Waltzes Joseph Lanner
  61. Hoffmeister MOZART String Quartet, K499
  62. Holberg Suite GRIEG Or
  63. Holiday Overture CARTER
  64. Holidays, A Symphony IVES (1913)
  65. Holy Boy, The IRELAND P
  66. Holy City Stephen Adams
  67. Hommage a Rameau DEBUSSY P Images
  68. Hopak MUSSORGSKY Fair At Sorochinsk Op
  69. Hora Staccato DINICU-Heifetz V P
  70. Horn Signal HAYDN Sym No 31
  71. Horoscope LAMBERT Ballet (1937)
  72. Horseman Quartet HAYDN
  73. Hostballader (HOST bah LAD er) ATTERBERG 'Fall Ballads'
  74. Huguenots, Le MEYERBEER...(lay ug NO') Opera, Paris 29FEB1836
  75. Humoresque DVORAK
  76. Humoresque TCHAIKOVSKY
  77. Hungarian Fantasy LISZT
  78. Hungarian Rhapsodies LISZT
  79. Hungarian Scenes Jules Massenet
  80. Hunnenschlacht LISZT Sym Poem No 11 Battle of the Huns
  81. Hunt MOZART String Quartet, K458
  82. Hunting Song MENDELSSOHN P Songs Without Words
  83. Hunting the Hare GERMAN Or Welsh Rhapsody
  84. Hunting Quartet MOZART in Bb, K 458
  85. Hunyadi Laszlo ERKEL Op - Ov
  86. Hurdy-Gurdy Man, The GOOSENS P
  87. Hymn and Fuging Tune No 16 COWELL
  88. Hymn for String Orchestra COWELL Orch
  89. Hymn of Praise MENDELSSOHN Sym No 2
  90. Hymn Tune Prelude No. 2 Ralph Vaughan Williams

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