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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
~ I ~

  1. I Danced with a Mosquito LIADOV Or Russian Dance
  2. I Got Rhythm Variations George Gershwin
  3. I Saw Three Ships Go Sailing By QUILTER Children's Overture
  4. Iberia ALBENIZ (ee BAY ree ah)
  5. Iberia (ee bahr ee ah) DEBUSSY Image pour Orchestre No 2.
  6. Ich habe genug (No. 82) (ich HAH beh geh NOOK) BACH
  7. Ich willden kreuzstab (Ick vil dehn KROYTS stahb) BACH Cantata No. 56
  8. Idilio LACK P, Op 134
  9. Idomeneo (ee doh meh NAY oh) MOZART Op - Ov
  10. Idyll Alexander Glazunov
  11. If I Were King ADAM Ov
  12. Ilia Mourometz (EEL yah MOOR oh metz) GLIERE Sym No 3, Op 42
  13. Il Pirata (eel peer Ah tah) BELLINI
  14. Il Trovatore VERDI Op, Rome 1/19/1853
  15. Images pour Orchestre (ee mahzh poor or kestr) DEBUSSY
  16. Images pour Piano (ee mahzh poor pyah noh) DEBUSSY
  17. I Lombardi Alla Prima Crociata (ee lohm BAR dee ah lah PREE mah) VERDI The Lomardians
  18. Il Matrimonio segreto (eel mah tree MOH nee oh say GREH toh) CIMAROSA
  19. Im Fruhling GOLDMARK Ov Op 36
  20. Immer oder Nimmer Waltzes WALDTEUFEL Or
  21. Imperial HAYDN Sym No 53 in D (1779)
  22. Impressioni dal Vero MALPIERO Or
  23. Impressions de Music Hall PIERNE Ballet
  24. Impressions from an Artist's Life SCHELLING Orch
  25. Impressions of the Puna Alberto Ginastera
  26. In a Chinese Temple Garden KETELBY Orch
  27. In a Monastery Garden KETELBY Orch
  28. In a Nutshell GRAINGER P & Orch
  29. In a Summer Garden Frederick Delius
  30. In Autumn Overture Op 11 Edvard Grieg
  31. In Autumn MacDOWELL Woodland Sketches
  32. In a Persian Market KETELBY Orch
  33. In a Summer Garden DELIUS Orch
  34. Incubus WEBERN
  35. In der Heimat GRIEG P
  36. Indes Galantes, Les RAMEAU
  37. In Ireland Fantasy Hamilton Harty
  38. L'Indifferente RAMEAU Hpscd
  39. L'Indiscrete RAMEAU Hpscd
  40. Inextinguishable NIELSEN Sym No 4
  41. In London Town ELGAR Ov Cockaigne Overture
  42. In Memorium SIBELIUS Ov
  43. In Memory of an Artist Op 163 Alan Hovhaness
  44. In Spring GOLDMARK Ov Op 36
  45. In Stiller Nacht (in SHTIL ler nahcht) BRAHMS lieder
  46. In the Country Eric Coates
  47. In the Fen Country Ralph Vaughan Williams
  48. In The South Alassio Overture Op 50 Sir Edward Elgar
  49. In the Village Op 40 no. 7 Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
  50. Intermezzo STRAUSS, R
  51. In The Hall of the Mountain King GRIEG Peer Gynt
  52. Incredible Flutist PISTON Ballet
  53. Indian Dances JOCOBY Orch
  54. Indian Lament DVORAK V & P
  55. Indian Queen (Trumpet Overture) Z.630 Henry Purcell
  56. Indian Suite MacDOWEL Orch
  57. Indigo and the Forty Thieves Overture Johann Strauss II
  58. Inquisitive Woman (Le Donne Curiose) WOLF-FERRARI Op, Munich 1/25/1909
  59. Interludium in Modo Antico GLAZUNOV St Q. Op 15
  60. Intimate Letters JANACEK String Quartet No 2
  61. Introduction and Allegro ELGAR St Q - Orch
  62. Introduction and Allegro for Harp RAVEL H & Orch
  63. Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso SAINT-SAENS V & Orch
  64. Introduction and Tarantella SARASATE
  65. Invitation and Dance WEBER P
  66. I Pagliacci (ee pahl YAHT chee) LEONCAVALLO
  67. Iphigenia in Aulis GLUCK Ov
  68. I Puritani (ee poor ee TAH nee) BELLINI
  69. Irish STANFORD Sym No 3
  70. Irish Dragoon Overture John Philip Sousa
  71. Irish Rhapsody No. 3 Op 137 (for cello) Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
  72. Irish Sym see: An Irish Symphony by H. Harty
  73. Irish Tune from County Derry Danny Boy Percy Aldridge Grainger
  74. Irmelin (ER meh lin) DELIUS Orch
  75. Irrelohe SCHRECKER Opera
  76. Islamey BALAKIREV (ISS lah may)
  77. L'Isle Joyeuse (Joyous Island) DEBUSSY
  78. Isle of the Dead RACHMANINOFF Orch
  79. Israel Sym BLOCH
  80. Istar D'INDY Orch
  81. L'Italiana in Algeri ROSSINI Op Ov
  82. Italian Concerto BACH
  83. Italian Girl in Algiers ROSSINI Opera
  84. Italian Serenade WOLF St Q
  85. Italian MENDELSSOHN Sym No 4 in A, Op 90
  86. Ivan Soussanine,(ee VAHN soo SAH neen) A Life For the Czar GLINKA Orch
  87. I Vespre Siciliani (ee VES pree see chee LYAH nee) VERDI 'Sicilian Vespers'

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