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Schwann Inside Jazz & Classical
Schwann Inside Jazz & Classical

Magazine DescriptionEach monthly issue of Schwann Inside Jazz & Classical includes up-to-date, in-depth coverage of both the jazz and classical music worlds and, when appropriate, draws links between the two genres. The seasoned staff of contributors showcases important artists in both fields, recommends essential recordings in "Building a Library," calls attention to overlooked albums in "Off the Beaten Path," weighs in on the latest releases in ten jazz and ten classical CD reviews per issue, and provides a forum for the artists to talk about their music in "Musicians in Their Own Write." Plus each monthly issue includes comprehensive listings of each month's new releases. Schwann Inside Jazz & Classical is the only jazz and classic review magazine.

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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Janus Op77 CRESTON
  2. Jardin Aux Lilas CHASSON
  3. Jardins sous la Pluie (shar dan soo lah plu ee)DEBUSSY Estampes No 3
  4. Jalons (zhah LON) 'Markers' XENAKIS
  5. Janufa JANACEK (See Jenufa)
  6. Jauchzet Gott BACH Cantata No. 51
  7. Javelin Michael Torke
  8. Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher (jhahn dark oh boo shay)HONEGGER
  9. Jenufa (yen NOO fah) JANACEK
  10. Jeremiah BERNSTEIN Sym No 1 (1943)
  11. Jerez ALBENIZ Iberia P
  12. Jeromita Linares Carlos Guastavino
  13. Jeruselem VERDI Opera
  14. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring BACH Cantata
  15. Jeu de Cartes STRAVINSKY (A Ballet in Three Acts)
  16. Jeudehomme MOZART Piano Con No 9
  17. Jeunesse d'Hercule, La SAINT-SAENS Op 50 Orch
  18. Jeux Jacques Ibert
  19. Jeux, Poeme Danse (jhuh)(Games) DEBUSSY
  20. Jeux d'aux RAVEL P
  21. Jeux d'Enfants (Children's Games) BIZET -P- / Orch
  22. Jewels of the Madonna WOLF-FERRARI Opera Berlin, 12/2/1911
  23. Jewess, The HALEVY Opera Paris 2/23/1835
  24. Jimbo's Lullaby DEBUSSY
  25. Joan of Arc HONEGGER
  26. Job, A Mask for Dancing (JOHb) VAUGHAN WILLIAMS
  27. Joe Clark Steps Out VARDELL Orch
  28. John Field Suite, A HARTY
  29. John Langton's Pavan DOWLAND lute
  30. Joke HAYDN String Quartet Op 33
  31. Jolie Fille de Perth BIZET
  32. Jota Aragonesa (HOH tah ar ag GOH NAY zah) GLINKA
  33. Jonny Spielt Auf (johny speelt owf) Johnny, Strikes Up KRENEK
  34. Josephslegende (YOH zehfs leh GEHN duh) Legend of Joseph R. STRAUSS
  35. Journey to Rheims Overture Gioacchino Rossini
  36. Joyous Isle Claude Debussy
  37. Joyeuse, La RAMEAU Hpscd
  38. Joyeuse March CHABRIER Orch
  39. Joyousness Waltz Haydn Wood
  40. Juba Dance DETT From the Bottoms
  41. Jubel Overture WEBER Ov
  42. Jubilee Overture Op 59 Carl Maria von Weber
  43. Juggler of Notre Dame, The MASSENET Opera Monte Carlo 2/10/1902
  44. Juive, La (lah jweev) (The Jewess) HALEVY Opera Paris 2/23/1835
  45. Julius Cesar HANDEL (In Egypt)
  46. Julliet, La COUPERIN
  47. Junge Lorde (YOONG uh lord) HENZE
  48. Jupiter MOZART Sym No 41 in C, K551
  49. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity The Planets Gustav Holst
  50. Jutish Melody from Danish Folk-Music Suite Percy Aldridge Grainger

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