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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Kaddish BERNSTEIN Sym No 3
  2. Kaiser Waltz STRAUSS, J Orch
  3. Kakadu (KAH kah doo) Variations BEETHOVEN Piano Trio No. 9 in G Op 121 on a tune by Wenzel Mueller
  4. Kalevala Legends SIBELIUS Or
  5. Kamarinskaya (kah mah rin SKY ah) GLINKA Orch
  6. Kamennoi-Ostrow RUBINSTEIN Op 10 P
  7. Kanarienvogel, Der MOZART 'German Dance No 5' K600
  8. Karelia (kah RAY lee ah) SIBELIUS Orch
  9. Kat'a Kahanova (KAH tyah KAH bah noh vah) JANACEK
  10. Katerina Ismailova (kah teh REEN uh ihz MY luh vuh) SHOSTAKOVICH
  11. Keeper of the Golden Tortoises, The IBERT 'Histories' No 1, P
  12. Kegelstatt MOZART Clarinet Trio K498
  13. Khovantstchina (Khovanshchina) (khoh VAHN SCHEE nuh) MOUSSORGSKI
  14. Kije, Lt. (KEE' szay) PROKOFIEV
  15. Kikimora (kee kee MOH rah) LIADOV
  16. Kinderscenen (KEEN der TSAY nin) SCHUMANN 'Scenes From Childhood' P
  17. Kindertotenlieder (kin ter TOH ten LEED err) MAHLER (Songs of the Dead Children)
  18. King's Children, The HUMPERDINCK MET Opera NYC 12/28/1910
  19. King Christian II SIBELIUS Orch
  20. King Cotton March SOUSA
  21. King David HONEGGER Sym Psalm
  22. King Lear BERLIOZ
  23. King Stephen Overture Op 117, for a festival play by Kotzebue, Ludwig van Beethoven
  24. King of Denmark's Galliard, The DOWLAND
  25. King's Children HUMPERDINCK
  26. King's Henchmen, The TAYLOR Opera MET NYC 2/17/1927
  27. King's Hunt, The BULL Hpscd
  28. Kismet WRIGHT-FORREST (Broadway) Melodies of BORODIN 2 & 3 mmt St Q No 2 in D FP 3DEC1953 with Doretta Morrow and Richard Kiley
  29. Kiss Waltz STRAUSS, J Op 400
  30. Kleine Kammermusik (KLY neh KAH mer moo zik) HINDEMITH
  31. Kleine Nachtmusik, Eine MOZART Serenade in g, K 525
  32. Knightsbridge March COATES Or
  33. Koanga (koh AHN gah) DELIUS
  34. Kol Nidrei BRUCH
  35. Komm' Susser Tod BACH
  36. Kommt, Eilet BACH Sinfonia from 'Easter Oratorio'
  37. Konigskinder HUMPERDINCK Op - Prelude
  38. Krazy Kat CARPENTER Ballet
  39. Kreisleriana SCHUMANN Op 16, P
  40. Kreutzer (KROYT zer) BEETHOVEN Violin Son Op 47
  41. Kreutzer Sonata JANACEK String Quartet No 1
  42. Kreuzspiel (KROYTS shpeel) Cross Play STOCKHAUSEN
  43. Kuiawiak WIENIAWSKI Op3 V & P
  44. Kullervo SIBELIUS
  45. Kunstlerleben Waltz STRAUSS, J Artist's Life
  46. Kuru Field of Justice from Satyagraha Philip Glass
  47. Kuss Waltz STRAUSS, J Kiss Waltz

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