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The Strad
The Strad

Magazine DescriptionThe Strad is a classical music magazine focusing on the violin, viola, cello, viol, and other stringed instruments. Each monthly issue offers reviews, news, and event information.

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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Macbeth VERDI Op Florence 4/14/1847
  2. Madame Butterfly PUCCINI Opera Milan 2/17/1904
  3. Maestro di Cappella (mah ESS troh dee kahp PEL lah) CIMAROSA
  4. Maestrodi Musica PERGOLESI
  5. Magic Fire Music (from Die Walkure) WAGNER
  6. Magic Flute MOZART Opera Vienna 9/30/1791
  7. Magic Harp Overture D.644 Franz Schubert
  8. Maiden and the Nightingale (from Goyescas) GRANADOS P
  9. Maid as Mistress PERGOLESI
  10. Maid of Arles BIZET
  11. Maid of Pskov (SKOF) RIMSKY-KORSAKOV First Opera
  12. Maillotins, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  13. Malaga ALBENIZ P - Or
  14. Malaguena Op 165/3 from Espana Isaac Albeniz
  15. Malaguena (mal ah GWAY nyah) LECUONA Andalusian Suite P - Or (1931)
  16. Ma Mere l'Oye RAVEL "Mother Goose" Ballet - Orch Suite
  17. Mamelles de Tiresias POULENC
  18. Mam'zelle Angot (mam zell ahn GOH) LECOCQ
  19. Manfred Overture BEETHOVEN
  20. Manfred Overture Op 115 SCHUMANN
  21. Manhattan Beach March SOUSA
  22. Man Without A Country DAMROSCH Opera MET NYC 5/12/1937
  23. Manon (mah NOHn') MASSENET Opera Paris 1/19/1884
  24. Manon Lescaut PUCCINI Opera, Turin 1 FEB 1893
  25. Marais, La RAMEAU Hpscd
  26. Marche hongroise (marsh ong grwahz) BERLIOZ Damnation of Faust
  27. March Grotesque SINDING P
  28. March Slave TCHAIKOVSKY Orch
  29. March (from Joseph) HANDEL Oratorio
  30. March (from Judas Maccabeus) HANDEL Oratorio
  31. March Heroique SAINT-SAENS Op34 Or
  32. March Joyeuse (marsh shway yooz) CHABRIER
  33. March Majestic Scott Joplin
  34. Marche Militaire no. 1 in A Op 51 D 73 Franz Schubert
  35. March of the Sardar Op Caucasian Sketches Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov
  36. March to the Scaffold Symphonie Fantastique Hector Berlioz
  37. Marching Song HOLST Op22
  38. Maria Theresa HAYDN Sym No 48
  39. Marionettes MacDOWELL P
  40. Maritana, Overture WALLACE
  41. Marizapalos (Chansons populaire) Gaspar Sanz
  42. Marosszek Dances KODALY
  43. Marriage of Figaro...MOZART Opera Vienna 5/1/1766
  44. Marouf, The Cobbler of Cairo RABAUD Opera Comique, Paris 15 MAY 1914
  45. Married Beau PURCELL Stage Music
  46. Mars, the Bringer of War The Planets Gustav Holst
  47. Marseillaise (MAHR sday EZ) Franch national Anthem
  48. Martha FLOTOW Opera Vienna 11/25/1847
  49. Martyre de Saint Sebastien (luh mah teer duh sen say bahs tee yen) DEBUSSY
  50. Maskarade Overture Carl Nielsen
  51. Masked Ball, The VERDI Op Ov
  52. Masquerade KHACHATURIAN Or
  53. Masques and Bergamasques Op 112 Gabriel Faure
  54. Mateau Sans Maitre BOULEZ
  55. Matelots, Les AURIC Ballet Or
  56. Matinees Musicales BRITTEN-ROSSINI (Ballet of Rossini themes)
  57. Mathis Der Mahler (MAH teez dair MAH ler)HINDEMITH Sym
  58. Matilda of Hungary WALLACE Op London 2/22/1847
  59. Matin, Le HAYDN Sym No 6
  60. Matrimonio Segreto, Il ( eel mah tree MOH nee oh say GREH toh) CIMAROSA Ov
  61. Ma Vlast SMETANA My Fatherland Orch
  62. Mavra (MAHV rah)STRAVINSKY
  63. May Breezes MENDELSSOHN 'Songs Without Words' P Op 62
  64. May Night PALMGREN P
  65. May Night Overture RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Orch
  66. May Song ELGAR Orch
  67. Mayor's Dance FALLA Ballet Three Cornered Hat
  68. Mazeppa LISZT P - Or
  69. Mazeppa (Mah-ZEPP-uh) Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
  70. mazurka (mah ZOOR kah) CHOPIN
  71. Medea (Medee) (may day)(meh DAY ah) CHERUBINI Op Paris 3/13/1797
  72. Medee (meh DAY) CHARPENTIER
  73. Meditation GLAZUNOV V - P
  74. Meditation from Thais MASSENET
  75. Mediterranean BAX Or
  76. Medium, The MENOTTI Opera
  77. Meeresstille und Gluckliche Fahrt MENDELSSOHN Ov Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage
  78. Meeting of the Volga and the Don Sergei Prokofiev
  79. Mefistofele (may fee STOF fay lay)BOITO
  80. Mein Traum Waltzes WALDTEUFEL Or
  81. Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die (The Master Singers) WAGNER Op Ov Munich 21JUN1868
  82. Meister Martin und seine Gesellen LACOMB Op Coblenz 4/7/1897
  83. Melancholy GRIEG P
  84. Melancholy Waltz Emil Darzins
  85. Melodie Arabe GLAZUNOV Cello - P
  86. Melpomene George W. Chadwick
  87. Men and Mountains RUGGLES
  88. Meneuse de Tortues d'Or, La IBERT Histories Piano, Keeper of the Golden Torteses
  89. Men of Harlech GERMAN Welsh Rhapsody Orch
  90. Menuet Antique Maurice Ravel
  91. Mephistofele BOITO Opera Milan 3/5/1868
  92. Mephisto Waltz LISZT P - Orch, Dance in the Village Inn from Lenau's Faust ("LAY-now")
  93. Mer, La (The Sea) DEBUSSY Orch
  94. Mercury HAYDN Sym No 43
  95. Mercury, the Winged Messenger The Planets Gustav Holst
  96. Mermaid ZIMLINSKY
  97. Merry Mount Suite HANSON Orch
  98. Merry Wives of Windsor NICOLAI Opera Berlin 3/9/1849
  99. Messe pour les Convents COUPERIN Organ
  100. Messe pour les Paroisses COUPERIN Organ
  101. Messiah HANDEL OV - Oratorio
  102. Messidor BRUNEAU Op Paris 2/19/1897
  103. Metamorphoses STRAUSS, R
  104. Midi, Le HAYDN Sym No 7
  105. Midsommarvarka ALFVEN Swedish Rhapsody
  106. Midsummer Night's Dream MENDELSSOHN Orch
  107. Mikado (mah KAH doh)GILBERT and SULLIVAN Operetta
  108. Mikado Overture Sir Arthur Sullivan
  109. Mikrokosmos (mee kroh KOZ mohs)BARTOK
  110. Mignon (meen YOHN)THOMAS Opera Paris 11/17/1866
  111. Military HAYDN Sym No 100
  112. Military Marches SCHUBERT P
  113. Miller and the Brook D 795 Franz Schubert
  114. Miller's Dance FALLA Ballet Three Cornered Hat
  115. Millions d'Arlequin, Les DRIGO V & P
  116. Minstrels DEBUSSY Preludes Bk I No 12 P
  117. Minuet in G BEETHOVEN P
  118. Minuet in g BACH
  119. Minuet in G BEETHOVEN P
  120. Minute Waltz CHOPIN P, Op 64 No 1 in D flat
  121. Mira, O Norma (MEE rah) Norma BELLINI
  122. Miracle HAYDN Sym No 96
  123. Miraculos Mandarin (BARTOK)
  124. Mireille (mee ray) GOUNOD
  125. Miroirs (meer Wahr)
  126. Miserere BYRD 'Fitzwilliam Virginal Bk, No 177' Hpscd
  127. Missa del Cid (Mee sah del SEED)WEIR
  128. Missa Ecce Ancilla Domini DUFAY
  129. Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas TAVERNER
  130. Missa Papae Marcelli PALESTRINA
  131. Missa Solemnis (MEE sah soh LEM nis)BEETHOVEN
  132. Mississippi Suite GROFE Orch
  133. Mlada (MLAH dah)RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Ballet
  134. Mock Morris GRAINGER
  135. Moina DE LARA Op Monte Carlo 3/14/1897
  136. Moissonneurs, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  137. Moldau, The (MOYL dow) from Ma VlastSMETANA Or My Fatherland
  138. Molly On The Shore GRAINGER
  139. Moments Musicals SCHUBERT Op 94 P
  140. Mondo della Luna HAYDN
  141. Moonlight BEETHOVEN Piano Son Op 27
  142. Moorside Suite Gustav Holst
  143. Moravian Dances Leos Janacek
  144. Morgenblatter Waltz STRAUSS, J
  145. Morning Symphony No. 6 in D Franz Joseph Haydn
  146. Morning Mood GRIEG Peer Gynt
  147. Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna SUPPE Ov
  148. Morning Papers Waltz STRAUSS, Johann II
  149. Morning Song Op 15/2b Sir Edward Elgar
  150. Morning Song MENDELSSOHN Songs Without Words No 28
  151. Morning Song of the Jester Alborada del Gracioso Maurice Ravel
  152. Morris Dance Tunes Gustav Holst
  153. Mort de Tintagiles, La LOEFFLER Orch
  154. Moses Fantasy Nicolo Paganini
  155. Moses of Egypt ROSSINI
  156. Moses and Aron SCHOENBERG
  157. Mother Goose Suite RAVEL Ballet Orch
  158. Moto Perpetuo PAGANINI V
  159. Moucheron, Le COUPERIN Hpscd
  160. Mourning Symphony No. 44 in e Franz Joseph Haydn
  161. Mouvements Perpetuels POULENC P
  162. Much Ado about Nothing KORNGOLD
  163. Muette de Portici, La AUBER Ov
  164. Mujeres Espanolas TURINA
  165. Murmuring Zephyrs JENSEN
  166. Musette de Choisi COUPERIN Hpscd
  167. Musette de Taverni COUPERIN Hpscd
  168. Musical Joke MOZART K522
  169. Music for Movies COPLAND (Orch Suite of 3 film score themes)
  170. Music for Orchestra KIRCHNER
  171. Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta BARTOK
  172. Music for Theater COPLAND
  173. Music Box, The LIADOV P
  174. Music for Children PROKOFIEV P
  175. Music for Orchestra FINE
  176. Music for Orchestra KIRCHNER
  177. Music for the Royal Fireworks HANDEL Or
  178. Music's Handmaid PURCELL Stage Music
  179. Musikansche Opfer BACH
  180. Musikalischer Spass, Ein MOZART Sextet
  181. My Country SMETANA Orch aka My Vlast with Moldau (MOYL dow)and other movement titles My Fatherland Sym Cycle
  182. My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice Camille Saint-Saens
  183. My Home Overture Op 62 Antonin Dvorak
  184. My Spirit Be Joyful from Cantata #146 Johann Sebastian Bach
  185. Mysterious Mountain HOVHANESS Sym No. 2
  186. My Reverie - Larry Clinton based on DEBUSSY Reverie

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