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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Nabucco (nah BOO koh) Nabucodonosor VERDI Ov / Opera 'Nabucco'
  2. Nacht in Venedig, Eine STRAUSS, J Jr
  3. Nachtlager in Granada, Das KREUTSER
  4. Nachtstuck SCHUMANN P
  5. Naila DELIBES Waltz
  6. Naissance de la Lyre, La ROUSSEL Orch
  7. Nameday Overture in C Op 115 (Namensfeier) Ludwig van Beethoven
  8. Namouna LALO Ballet Suite
  9. Nanete, La COUPERIN Hpscd
  10. Narcissus NEVIN P
  11. Nations, The (Les Nations: L'Imperiale) Francois Couperin
  12. Natoma HERBERT Opera Philadelphia 2/25/1911
  13. Nausicaa (NAW see kah) GLANVILLE-HICKS
  14. Navarra ALBENIZ (nah VAH rah)
  15. Navarra (Spanish Dance) Op 33 Pablo Sarasate
  16. Nel Cor Piu Variations BEETHOVEN P
  17. Nelson HAYDN Mass No 11 in d
  18. Ne touchez pa a la Reine BOISSELOT Op Paris 1/16/1847
  19. Nerone (nay ROH nay )BOITO
  20. Nessun Dorma (Turandot) PUCCINI
  21. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again - Eric Carmen RACHMANINOFF PC
  22. Nevertheless Georgs Pelecis (PEH-leht-sees)
  23. New Dance RIEGGER P
  24. New England Holidays IVES Orch
  25. New England Tryptych (after Billings) SCHUMAN, Wm
  26. New World Sym DVORAK Sym No 9
  27. Nichols' Almand, Mrs. DOWLAND
  28. Night in the Tropics Symphony No. 1 Louis Moreau Gottschalk
  29. Night in Venice, A STRAUSS, Johann
  30. Night on Bald Mountain MUSSORGSKY Orch
  31. Night on Mt. Triglav (TREE glaf) RIMSKY-KORSAKOV
  32. Night Ride and Sunrise SIBELIUS Orch
  33. Night Swallows Op 417 Nachtschwalbe Carl Michael Ziehrer (TSEER-er)
  34. Nightingale and the Two Sisters Percy Aldridge Grainger
  35. Nights in the Gardens of Spain FALLA P Orch
  36. Nigun (NEE guhn) BLOCH V - P
  37. Nina, O Sia La Pazza per Amour (Nee nah, oh syah lah PAHT sah pehr ah MORE ay) PAISIELLO 'Nina, The Lunatic from Love'
  38. Nixon In China ADAMS Opera
  39. Nobilissima Visione (No bee LEE see mah vee zee OH nay) HINDEMITH
  40. Noces (The Wedding) STRAVINSKY
  41. Noches en los Jardines de Espana FALLA P - Orch
  42. No Other Love CHOPIN Etude #3
  43. Nocturnes DEBUSSY For Orchestra
  44. Noels, 9 & 10 DAQUIN
  45. None But The Lonely Heart TCHAIKOVSKY
  46. Noonday Witch Op 108 Antonin Dvorak
  47. Nordic HANSON Sym No 1 in e, Op21
  48. Nordic Melodies GRIEG Orch Op 63
  49. Norfolk Rhapsody VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Orch
  50. Norma BELLINI Opera Milan 12/26/1831
  51. North Country Sketches Frederick Delius
  52. Norwegian Artists' Carnival SVENDSEN Orch
  53. Norwegian Bridal Procession GRIEG
  54. Norwegian Dances GRIEG
  55. Norwegian Dances Johann Halvorsen
  56. Noces, Les (lay nohs) STRAVINSKY
  57. Notturno BORODIN
  58. Nous n'Irons Plus au Pois INGELBRECHT
  59. Novellettes Op 29 Niels Wilhelm Gade
  60. Novelettes, String Quartet GLAZUNOV
  61. Nozze d'ercole e d'Ebe, Le GLUCK Opera Pillnitz 6/29/1747
  62. Nozze di Figaro, Le...(The Marriage of Figaro) MOZART Opera
  63. Nuages (new AHZH) "Clouds" DEBUSSY Nocturnes
  64. Nuit d'ete (nwee deh tay)BERLIOZ
  65. Nuremberg Doll, The ADAM Ov
  66. Nurseries INGELBRECHT Orch
  67. Nutcracker, The TCHAIKOVSKY Ballet - Suite - Orch

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