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Schwann Opus
Schwann Opus

Magazine DescriptionSchwann Opus is the most comprehensive listing of classical recordings available in the United States. Recognized as the "definitive reference guide to classical music," this annual publication contains over 45,000 CDs and cassette tapes, and features an "Artist of the Year" profile. Items are organized under the composer name, and each piece on the recording is fully listed. Thousands of classical music enthusiasts find Schwann Opus indispensable in making their purchasing decisions.

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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. O Lovely Moon from Rusalka Rusalka's Song to the Moon Antonin Dvorak
  2. O Mio Babbino Caro Gianni Schicchi Giacomo Puccini
  3. O sacrum convivium Oliver Messiaen
  4. Oberon WEBER Ov
  5. Oberon Overture Carl Maria von Weber
  6. Obertass WIENIAWSKI V - P
  7. Occasione fa il Ladro (oh KAH zee OH nay fah eel LAH droh) ROSSINI
  8. Oceanides, The SIBELIUS Orch
  9. Ocktandre (ohk TAHN drah) VARESE
  10. Ode for the Birthday of Queen Mary Henry Purcell
  11. Oedipus der Tyrann (ed EE poos dehr tee rahn) ORFF
  12. Oedipus Rex (EE deh pus reks) STRAVINSKY
  13. Of a Tailor and a Bear MacDOWELL
  14. Of Br'er Rabbit MacDOWELL
  15. Oiseau de feu (lwah zoh duh feu)(Firebird) STRAVINSKY
  16. Old Begger, The IBERT Histoires
  17. Old Comrades Carl Teike
  18. Old Garden, An MacDOWELL
  19. Old Refrain, The KREISLER V - P
  20. Old Mistris Myne BYRD Hpscd Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 66
  21. Old Norwegian Romance with Variations Edvard Grieg
  22. Omphales' Spinning Wheel SAINT-SAENS
  23. On A Clear Day SONDHEIM (Broadway) influenced by RAVEL's Daphnis and Chloe
  24. Ondine (ohn deen) (Prelude No 8) DEBUSSY -P-
  25. On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring DELIUS Orch
  26. On the Banks of the Helicon Andro Blackhall
  27. On the Beautiful Blue Danube STRAUSS, J Orch
  28. On the Elbe Waltz Op 431 Johann Strauss II
  29. On the Steppes of Central Asia BORODIN Orch
  30. On the Town Three Dance Episodes Leonard Bernstein
  31. Otello VERDI Opera Milan 2/5/1882
  32. Oracion del Torero (Toreodor's Prayer) TURINA
  33. Oranges and Lemons QUILTER Children's Overture
  34. Orb and Sceptre Coronation March for coronation of Queen Elizabeth, 1953 Sir William Walton
  35. Orchestral Suites BACH (Overtures) Nos 1-4
  36. Orfeo (or FAY oh) MONTEVERDE
  37. Orfeo ed Euridice (or FAY oh ed A or ree DEE chay) GLUCK
  38. Oriental CUI V & P
  39. Oriental Dance Op 2/2 Sergei Rachmaninoff
  40. Organ SAINT-SAENS Sym No 3
  41. Orpheus and Eurydice GLUCK Opera Vienna 10/5/1762
  42. Orpheus In the Underworld OFFENBACH Op Ov
  43. O Schoner Mai STRAUSS, J
  44. Otello VERDI Opera, La Scala Milan 5FEB1887
  45. Othello Suite COLERIDGE-TAYLOR
  46. Ou est la Marguerite INGHELBRECHT Orch
  47. Our Flirtations Overture John Philip Sousa
  48. Our Town Aaron Copland
  49. L'Ours Sym HAYDN #82
  50. Overlanders, The IRELAND Film score
  51. Overture di Ballo Sir Arthur Sullivan
  52. Overture Solennelle GLAZUNOV
  53. Over the Hills and Far Away Percy Aldridge Grainger
  54. Over the Hills and Far Away QUILTER
  55. Over the Waves ROSAS
  56. Overture on Hebrew Themes PROKOFIEV
  57. Overture to a Picturesque Comedy BAX
  58. Overture to the School for Scandal BARBER
  59. Oxford HAYDN Sym No 92

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