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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
~ P ~

  1. Paa Vidderne (PAW VIH der nah) 'On The Heights' DELIUS
  2. Pacific 231 HONEGGER
  3. Pagan Poem, A LOEFFLER P - Or
  4. Pagliacci (The Clowns) LEONCAVALLO Opera Milan 5/21/1892
  5. Pagodes DEBUSSY 'Estampes' P
  6. Palestrina PFITZNER
  7. Palladio JENKINS, Karl
  8. Palpiti, I PAGANINI V $ Or
  9. Pan and Syrinx Op 49 Carl Nielsen
  10. Pan Voyevoda (pahn voy uh VOH duh) RIMSKY KORSAKOV
  11. Panambi (peh nahm BEE) GINISTERA
  12. Pantomime, La RAMEAU Hpscd
  13. Papillon GRIEG (POP yawn)(Butterfly)
  14. Papillon, Le OFFENBACH Ballet...Paris 11/26/1860
  15. Papillons Op 2 (Butterflies) pah pee yoh(n)Robert Schumann
  16. Parade (pah RAHD') SATIE Orch
  17. Paris Nocturne DELIUS Orch
  18. Paris HAYDN Syms Nos 82 - 87
  19. Paris MOZART Sym No 31
  20. Parisienne French-Polka Op 238 Johann Strauss II
  21. Parsifal WAGNER Opera Bayreuth 7/26/1882
  22. Pas d'Acier (pah duh syay) PROKOFIEV
  23. Pas de dix (pah duh DEES) GLAZUNOV
  24. Passacaglia in C minor BACH Organ
  25. Passion (PAH shun) SONDHEIM Opera
  26. Passione, La HAYDN Sym No 49
  27. Pastor Fido Pastorale, Il VIVALDI V - Hpscd
  28. Pastoral (pahs toh RALL)Sonata BEETHOVEN No 15 in D, P
  29. Pastoral BEETHOVEN Sym No 6
  30. Pastoral BEETHOVEN Piano Son Op 28
  31. Pastoral VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS Sym No 3
  32. Pastoral d'ete (pahs toh rahl day tay) HONEGGER Orch
  33. Pastoral Symphony BEETHOVEN Sym No. 6
  34. Pastoral Symphony in G Leopold Mozart
  35. Pastorale SCARLATTI
  36. Pastorale STRAVINSKY V - P
  37. Pathetique (pah tay TEEK) BEETHOVEN Piano Son Op 13
  38. Pathetique TCHAIKOVSKY Sym No 6
  39. Patineurs, Les (lay pah tee neur) MEYERBEER, Giacomo
  40. Patineurs, Les (The Skaters) WALDTEUFEL
  41. Patrie BIZET Ov Op 19
  42. Paukenmesse HAYDN Mass No 9 in C
  43. Pavana-Capricho ALBENIZ Op 12
  44. Pavane for a Dead Infanta (Princess)(pah VAHN poor un an FAHNt deh FUNT) RAVEL P - Orch
  45. Peacock Variations on a Hungarian folk song Zoltan Kodaly
  46. Pecheurs de Perles (Pearl Fishers) BIZET
  47. Peer Gynt, Suites GRIEG
  48. Pelleas and Melisande (pehl lay ahss eh meh lee zahnd) DEBUSSY Opera Paris 4/30/1902
  49. Pelleas and Melisande FAURE
  50. Pelleas and Melisande SCHOENBERG Sym Poem op5
  51. Pelleas et Melisande SIBELIUS Op 46
  52. Perpetual Motion in C Op 11 Nicolo Paganini
  53. Persephone (per SEF oh nee) STRAVINSKY
  54. Peri, La DUKAS
  55. Perichole, La OFFENBACH
  56. Perpetual Motion WEBER Sonata #1 in C, Op 24 p
  57. Perpetuum Mobile STRAUSS, J Jr Orch
  58. Persephone (per SEF oh nee) STRAVINSKY
  59. Peter and the Wolf PROKOFIEV Orch
  60. Peter Grimes BRITTEN Opera
  61. Peter Ibbetson TAYLOR Opera MET NYC 2/7/1931
  62. Peter Schmoll und Seine Nachbarn WEBER Ov
  63. Petit Ane Blanc, Le IBERT 'Histories' P
  64. Pitite Symphonie Concertante MARTIN
  65. Petite Suite (pah TEE sweet) DEBUSSY P
  66. Pitits Moulins a Vent, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  67. Petrouchka (peh TRUSH kah) Petrushka STRAVINSKY Ballet Suite
  68. Phaeton SAINT-SAENS
  69. Phadre, (fay dr) Overture MASSENET Orch
  70. Philosopher HAYDN Sym No 22
  71. Photopsis (Prelude for Orch) ZIMMERMAN, B. A.
  72. Picaresque Comedy Sir Arnold Bax
  73. Piccoli Soldati, I PICK-MANGIAGALLI Orch
  74. Pictures at an Exhibition MUSSORGSKY P (Orch. by Ravel and others, Inspired by paintings of V Hartman)
  75. Pie Jesu Gabriel Faure
  76. Piece Heroique FRANCH
  77. Pieces Pittoresques CUI
  78. Pied Piper Walter Mourant
  79. Pierrot Lumaire (pyeh ROH loo MAIR) SCHOENBERG
  80. Pierrot of the Minute, The BUTTERWORTH Orch
  81. Pilgrimage of the Soul JANACEK Violin Con
  82. Pimpinone (peem pee NOH nay) TELEMANN
  83. Pines of Rome RESPIGHI Orch
  84. Pinocchio Overture TOCH Orch
  85. Pique Dame Overture (peek DAHM) The Queen of Spades SUPPE Orch
  86. Pique Dame (Peek DAHM) Pikovaya Dama TCHIKOVSKY
  87. Pirata, Il BELLINI
  88. Plain, The Isaac Albeniz
  89. Plaintive Song MAHLER (Das Klagende Lied)
  90. Planets, The HOLST Orch
  91. Planxthy Flinn Turlough Carolan
  92. Platee RAMEAU Opera
  93. Playera-Andaluza GRANADOS (Spanish Dance No. 5)
  94. Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan, The GRIFFES Orch
  95. Pleiades (PLEE ah deez) XENAKIS
  96. Pli Selon Pli (plee suh LOHN plee) BOULEZ 'Fold Upon Fold'
  97. Plow that Broke the Plains, The THOMSON Orch
  98. Plus blanche que la blanche hermine (ploo BLAHNCH kuk lah blahnch er MEEN) 'Les Huguenots)
  99. Plus Que Lente, La (lah ploo kuh lohnt) DEBUSSY P - Orch
  100. Pochades Andalouses INFANTE P
  101. Poeme de l'Amour et de la Mer (poh ehm duh lah moor eh duh lah mair) CHAUSSON
  102. Poeme d'Extase SCRIABIN Orch (Poem of Ecstacy, Op54)
  103. Poem for Orchestra CHASSON
  104. Poeme Hongrois HUBAY V - Orch
  105. Poeme Roumain ENESCO Orch
  106. Poet and Peasant SUPPE Ov
  107. Pohjola's Daughter (POH yoh lah) SIBELIUS Orch
  108. Poissons d'or (pwah sohn dohr) DEBUSSY P 'Images' No 3
  109. Polacca Brillante WEBER P
  110. Polichinelle KREISLER V - P
  111. Polichinelle RACHMANINOV P
  112. Polish TCHAIKOVSKY Sym No 3 Op 29
  113. Polish Dance SCHARWENKA P
  114. Polo, El ALBENIZ P 'Iberia'
  115. Polonaise (poh loh NAze) CHOPIN
  116. Polovetsian Dances (aka Polovetsian)(poh LOFF tsyen)aka(poh loh VET see in) BORODIN Orch Chorus
  117. Pomp and Circumstance Marches ELGAR Orch
  118. Ponce de Leon BERTON Op Paris 3/15/1797
  119. Pool, The LOEFFLER V - P
  120. Poole, La HAYDN Sym No 38 in g
  121. Portals RUGGLES
  122. Porgy and Bess George Gershwin
  123. Ports of Call IBERT Escales
  124. Portsmouth Point Overture WALTON Orch
  125. Postcards from the Sky Marjan Mozetich
  126. Posthorn MOZART Serenade K320
  127. Poule, La RAMEAU Hpscd
  128. Poupee de Nuremberg, La ADAM Ov
  129. Poupee Valsante POLDINI P
  130. Pour Bertha moi je soupire (poor BARE tah mwah juh soo PEER) 'Le Prophete)
  131. Pour le Piano DEBUSSY P
  132. Poveri fiori (PEH voh ree fee OH ree) CILEA
  133. Power of Music, The BOYCE Ov
  134. Prayer of Saint Gregory Alan Hovhaness Pres des temparts de Seville (preh day rem pahr duh say VEEL) BIZET
  135. Praeludium JARNEFELT
  136. Praeludium and Allegro KREISLER V - P
  137. Prague MOZART Sym No 38 K504
  138. Prague Waltzes Antonin Dvorak
  139. Pre Aux Clerc (pray oh KLEHR) HEROLD Scholar's Meadow
  140. Precieuse, La KREISLER V - P
  141. Preciosa WEBER Ov
  142. Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune ( Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun) Claude Debussy
  143. Prelude, Aria and Finale FRANCK P
  144. Prelude, Chorale and Fugue FRANCK P
  145. Prelude, Fugue and Variations FRANCK P
  146. Prelude in c# RACHMANINOFF P
  147. Preludes, Les LISZT Orch
  148. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun DEBUSSY P - Orch
  149. Preludes, Premiere Livre (Preludes Book One) DEBUSSY P
  150. Pretend Gardener Overture K196 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  151. Preziosa Overture Op 78 Carl Maria von Weber
  152. Prince Igor BORODIN Opera St. Petersburg 10/23/1890
  153. Prince of Denmark's March (aka Trumpet Voluntary) Jeremiah Clarke
  154. Printemps (Prahn' tahn) DEBUSSY
  155. Principe di Taranto PAER Op Parma 2/11/1797
  156. Procession del Rocio, La TURINA P - Orch
  157. Procession of the Nobles from Mlada Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
  158. Promenade Walking the Dog (1936) George Gershwin
  159. Promenade Quadrille Op 98 Johann Strauss II
  160. Promessi Sposi, I POLDINI
  161. Prometheus Overture BEETHOVEN Op 43 Orch
  162. Prometheus, The Poem of Fire SCRIABIN
  163. Prometheus (Symphonic Poem No. 5) Franz Liszt
  164. Prophete, Le (luh pro fet) MEYERBEER Opera Paris 4/26/1849
  165. Proserpine LULLY Opera
  166. Psalmus Hungaricus (SAL mis honn GAH ree kis) KODALY
  167. Psyche Cesar Franck
  168. Psyche et Eros (see chay a tay ROHS) FRANCK
  169. Puck GRIEG P
  170. Puck's Minuet HOWELLS Op 20 No 1 Orch
  171. Puerta del Vino, La DEBUSSY P (Preludes Bk I)
  172. Pulcinella STRAVINSKY Ballet
  173. Pupazzetti CASELLA Orch
  174. Puritani, I BELLINI
  175. Pygmalion (pig MAIL yon) RAMEAU

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