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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Radamisto Handel
  2. Radetsky March (rah DET skee) STRAUSS, J Jr
  3. Rage Over a Lost Penny BEETHOVEN P
  4. Rainbows, I'm Always Chasing CHOPIN
  5. Raindrop CHOPIN Prelude Op 28
  6. Rakastava SIBELIUS Op 14 Orch
  7. Rakoczy March (rah KOH tsee) LISZT Hungarian Rhapsody No 15
  8. Rapaccini's Daughter CATAN, Daniel (1997) Spanish (Mexican) Opera
  9. Rapsody Espagnole LISZT P - Orch
  10. Rapsody Norvegienne LALO Orch
  11. Rapsodie Viennoise SCHMIDT Orch
  12. Rasoumovsky Quartets BEETHOVEN
  13. Raymond Overture THOMAS
  14. Raymonda Op 57 Ballet Music Alexander Glazunov
  15. Razor HAYDN String Quartet Op 55
  16. Razumovsky BEETHOVEN String Quartets Op 59
  17. Red Pony, The COPLAND Film score suite Orch
  18. Red Poppy with the Russian Sailor's Dance Reinhold GLIERE
  19. Reflets d'Allemagne SCHMIDT
  20. Reflets dans l'Eau (reh flay dahn loh) DEBUSSY
  21. Reformation MENDELSSOHN Sym No 5 in D Op 107
  22. Rage Over a Lost Penny in G Op 129 Rondo Ludwig van Beethoven
  23. Reigen (Elf Dance) JENSEN P - Orch
  24. Reine, La HAYDN Sym No 85
  25. Relache (ruh LAHSH) SATIE
  26. Religious Meditation Hector Berlioz
  27. Remembrances of the Alhambra Francisco Tarrega
  28. Re Pastore, Il MOZART Ov K208
  29. Requiem (REE kwee em, REK wee em)(Le Grande Messe des Morts) BERLIOZ
  30. Restless Concerto in D Rv234 Antonio Vivaldi
  31. Resurrection MAHLER Sym No 2 in c
  32. Retablo de Maese Pedro (ray TAH blo day mah AY say PAY droh) FALLA
  33. Return of Spring Waltz Op 244 Emile Waldteufel
  34. Reverie DEBUSSY
  35. Reverie d'Hiver TCHAIKOVSKY Sym No 1 Op 13
  36. Revolutionary CHOPIN Etude Op 10
  37. Rhapsody (See also european spelling Rapsodie)
  38. Rhapsody Espagnol LISZT -P-
  39. Rhapsody Espagnol RAVEL
  40. Rhapsody in Blue GERSHWIN P - Orch
  41. Rheingold, Das WAGNER Opera, Munich 22SEP1869
  42. Rhenish SCHUMANN Sym No 3 in Eb Op 97
  43. Rhumba Symphony No 2 McDONALD (1936) Orch
  44. Ricecar Cromatico FRESCOBALDI Organ
  45. Richard Coeur de Lion GRETRY Opera
  46. Ride of the Valkyries WAGNER Op 'Die Walkure'
  47. Rider HAYDN String Quartet Op 74
  48. Rienzi, The Last of the Tribunes WAGNER Opera Dresden 10/20/1842
  49. Rigoletto VERDI Opera, Venice 3/11/1851
  50. Ring der Nibelungen, Der WAGNER
  51. Rio Grande LAMBERT Based on Sitwell poem. Brazilian river, not Texas.
  52. Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny (mah hah GOH nee) WEILL
  53. Rispetti e Strambotti MALIPIERO St Q
  54. Rite (or Rites) of Spring STRAVINSKY
  55. Ritterballet BEETHOVEN Incidental music
  56. Ritual Fire Dance FALLA El Amour Brujo
  57. River, The THOMSON film score suite - Orch
  58. Roaring Fork Quintet Eric Ewazen
  59. Robbers' Castle Overture Friedrich Kuhlau
  60. Rob Roy Overture Hector Berlioz
  61. Robert le Diable (RO' bair luh dyah bl) MEYERBEER, Giacomo
  62. Rock, The RACHMANINOFF Sym Fantasy Orch
  63. Rodelinda roh dah LIN dah) HANDEL
  64. Rodeo (ballet: roh DAY oh, horse show: ROH dee oh) COPLAND
  65. Roi Carrotte, Le (Apache Dance) OFFENBACH
  66. Roi de Lahore, Le MASSENET Ov
  67. Roi d'Ys, Le LALO Ovb
  68. Roi Malgre Lui, Le (luh rwah mahl grey lwee) CHABRIER Orch
  69. Roi l'a Dit, Le DELIBES Ov
  70. Roi s'Amuse, Le (luh rwah sah mooz) DELIBES Ballet
  71. Romance in e flat FINZI Orch
  72. Roman Carnival BERLIOZ Ov
  73. Roman Festivals Feste Romane Ottorino Respighi
  74. Romantic BRUCKNER Sym No 4 in Eb
  75. Romantic HANSON Sym No 2
  76. Romeo and Juliet BELLINI Sinfionia 'I Capuletti e Montecchi'
  77. Romeo and Juliet BERLIOZ Ov
  78. Romeo and Juliet GERMAN Orch
  79. Romeo and Juliet GOUNOD Op Paris 4/27/1867
  80. Romeo and Juliet LAMBERT Ballet (1926) Monte carlo, Diagalev
  81. Romeo and Juliet PROKOFIEV Ballet, Orch Suites 1 & 2
  82. Romeo and Juliet SVENDSEN, Johann 'Orchestral Fantasy'
  83. Romeo and Juliet Overture Fantasy TCHAIKOVSKY Orch; 1869 Student Version, 1880 Standard Version
  84. Rondalla Aragonesa (Spanish Dances)No 6 GRANADOS
  85. Rondes de Printemps (rohn duh pren tahn) DEBUSSY
  86. Rondine, La (The Swallow) PUCCINI Opera Monte Carlo 3/27/1917
  87. Rondino on a theme by Beethoven KREISLER V & P
  88. Rondo Brillant, "La Gaite" WEBER Op 62 - P
  89. Rondo Capriccioso MENDELSSOHN Op 14 -P-
  90. Rondo Fantastico PICK-MANGIAGALLI - Orch
  91. Rosa Solis FARNABY Hpscd
  92. Rosamunde Ballet Music Franz Schubert
  93. Rosamunde CHEZY Opera w/incidental music of SCHUBERT (1823)Incidental music; Ballet music, Entr'acte and Shepherd's Melody
  94. Rosamunde (roh zah MOON dah) SCHUBERT - Orch Alfonso and Estrella
  95. Rosamunde SCHUBERT String Quartet D804
  96. Rose of Vienna HAYDN Quartet
  97. Roses From the South STRAUSS, J. Jr - Waltzes, Orch
  98. Rosenkavalier, Der STRAUSS, R. Orch Suite - Opera (Knight of the Roses) Dresden 26JAN1911
  99. Rosiere de Salency, La GRETRY Op
  100. Rosiere Republicaine, La GRETRY Ballet
  101. Rossignol, Le (The Nightingale) STRAVINSKY Opera, Paris 26MAY1914
  102. Rossignol en Amour, La COUPERIN Hpscd
  103. Rossiniana RESPIGHI Orch
  104. Rouet d'Omphale, Le SAINT-SAENS Orch
  105. Roumanian Rhapsodies Nos 1 & 2 ENESCO Orch
  106. Rounds DIAMOND Orch
  107. Rousalka (roo SAHL kah) DVORAK
  108. Roussalka DARGOMIJSKY Opera
  109. Rowland BYRD Hpscd
  110. Roxelane, La HAYDN Sym No 63
  111. Royal Fireworks Music HANDEL Orch
  112. Royal Hunt and Storm (from The Trojans) BERLIOZ
  113. Ruddigore Overture (Rud' dee gor) Sir Arthur Sullivan
  114. Rugby HONEGGER Orch
  115. Ruins of Athens Overture Op 113 Ludwig van Beethoven
  116. Running Set Ralph Vaughan Williams
  117. Ruralia Hungarica DOHNANYI Op 32 No 1
  118. Ruses d'Amour GLAZUNOV
  119. Russalka (roo SAHL kah) DARGOMYZHSKY
  120. Russia BALAKIREV Sym Poem
  121. Russian Easter Overture RIMSKY-KORSAKOV
  122. Russian Sailor's Dance GLIERE from The Red Poppy Orch
  123. Russlan and Ludmilla (ROOS lahn and lood MEE lah) GLINKA Ov
  124. Rustle of Spring SINDING Op 32 Orch
  125. Rustic Wedding Sym GOLDMARK Orch
  126. Ruy Blas (REE Blah) MENDELSSOHN Ov

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