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Magazine DescriptionStrings is written by and for players and teachers of bowed stringed instruments. Each issue features lively interviews with such luminaries as Itzhak Perlman, Edgar Meyer, and Yo-Yo Ma. Plus, it's filled with music to play, from long-forgotten pieces to new works.

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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Tabaro (The Cloak) PUCCINI
  2. Tabor SMETANA See 'Ma Vlast'
  3. Tafelmusik TELEMANN (Dinner Music)
  4. Tales of the Invisable City of Kitezh RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Opera
  5. Tales of Hoffmann OFFENBACH Opera Paris 2/10/1881
  6. Tales of the Vienna Woods STRAUSS, J Jr. Orch
  7. Tamara BALAKIREV Sym Poem
  8. Tambourin GOSSEC V-P
  9. Tambourin Chinois KREISLER V-P
  10. Tambourin No 1 & 2 RAMEAU Hpscd
  11. Tambourins, Les COUPERIN Hpscd
  12. Tancredi ROSSINI Op Ov used for Pietra del Paragone
  13. Tango in D ALBENIZ -P-
  14. Tannhauser (TAHN hoy ser)WAGNER Opera Dresden 10/19/1845
  15. Tapiola SIBELIUS Orch
  16. Tarantella MENDELSSOHN
  17. Tasso LISZT
  18. Tempest BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata No 17 in d,Op 31, No 2
  19. Te Deum (tay DAY oom) BRUCKNER
  20. Telephone, The MENOTTI Opera
  21. Tempest BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata
  22. Tempest HOIBY Opera
  23. Temple de la Paix, Le LULLY Orch
  24. Tempo di Ballo SCARLATTI
  25. Tempo di Minuetto KREISLER V-P
  26. Tender Land, The COPLAND Opera
  27. Tendre Nanette, La COUPERIN Hpscd
  28. Tendres Plaintes, Les RAMEAU Hpscd
  29. Terpsichore (terp SICK or ree) Michael Praetorius
  30. Teseo Overture HWV 9 George Frideric Handel
  31. Thais (TY eese) MASSENET Opera Paris 3/16/1894
  32. Thamar BALAKIREV Sym Poem
  33. Theiving Magpie (See Gazza Ladra, La) ROSSINI Opera
  34. There Was a Lady Loved a Swine QUILTER 'Children's Overture'
  35. Thesee LULLY Opera
  36. This is the Day William Byrd
  37. Thomas Collier, His Galliard DOWLAND Lute
  38. Thousand and One Nights, A STRAUSS, J Jr. Orch
  39. Three Bears Fantasy COATES Or
  40. Three Cornered Hat FALLA Ballet
  41. Three Fantastic Dances SHOSTAKOVICH -P-
  42. Three Hermits PAULUS Opera
  43. Three Latin American Sketches COPLAND - Orch
  44. Three Musketeers HESPE Orch Band
  45. Three Pictures of Chassidic Life BLOCH
  46. Three Places in New England IVES Orch (1903-14)
  47. Three Shakespeare Songs Ralph Vaughan Williams
  48. Three Shanties for wind quintet Malcolm Arnold
  49. Through The Looking Glass TAYLOR Orch
  50. Thunder and Lightning Polka Op 32 Johann Strauss II
  51. Thunderbird Suite CADMAN Orch of American Indian Songs
  52. Thunderer March SOUSA
  53. Thus Spake Zarathustra STRAUSS, R Orch
  54. Tic Toc Chic ou Les Maillotins, Le COUPERIN Hpscd
  55. Tientos INFANTE -P- 'Pochados Andalouses'
  56. Tiefland D'ALBERT (TEEF lahnt)
  57. Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks Op 28 (TIL OIL in schpeegal) Richard Strauss
  58. Timide, La RAMEAU Hpscd
  59. Tintagel (tin TAH jel) BAX Orchestral tone poem. Town near Cornwall on southern England Cornish coast.
  60. To a Water Lily MacDOWELL -P- 'Woodland Sketches'
  61. To a Wild Rose MacDOWELL -P- 'Woodland Sketches'
  62. Toccata Concertante FINE
  63. Toccata Guatemala MORGENSTERN -P-
  64. Toccata Festiva BARBER
  65. Todtentanz LISZT
  66. Tod und Das Madchen, Der SCHUBERT Quartet
  67. Tod und Verklarung (Death and Transfiguration) STRAUSS, R - Orch
  68. To October SHOSTAKOVICH Sym No 2
  69. To Spring GRIEG -P-
  70. Tombeau de Chateaubriand AUBERT, L.
  71. Tombeau de Couperin, Le RAVEL P/Orch
  72. Tonight We Love TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Con No 1
  73. Toreador et Andalouse RUBINSTEIN -P-
  74. Tosca PUCCINI Opera Rome 1/4/1900
  75. Totentanz (TOH ten tants) 'Dance of Death' LISZT P/Orch
  76. Toujours ou Jamais, WALTEUFEL Orch Waltzes
  77. Tourbillions, Les RAMEAU Hpscd
  78. Tour Prends Gardel, Le INGHELBRECHT - Orch
  79. Tower Hill FARNABY Fitzwilliam Virginal Book No 245 - Hpscd
  80. Toye, A FARNABY Fitzwilliam Virginal Book No 270 - Hpscd
  81. Toy Symphony HAYDN Sym in C, (Perhaps composed by M. Haydn) - Orch
  82. Toybox Claude Debussy
  83. Tragic SCHUBERT Sym No 4 in c
  84. Tragic Overture BRAHMS Orch
  85. Trancendental Etudes LISZT
  86. Transfigured Night SCHOENBERG, Op 4
  87. Transformations SUSA Opera
  88. Traviata, La (Lady Gone Astray) VERDI Opera Venice 6MAR1853
  89. Trauersinfonie HAYDN Sym No 44
  90. Trauermusik HINDEMITH Orch (Funeral Music for King George V)
  91. Traumerei SCHUMANN -P- Scenes from Childhood Op 15 ( Dreaming) (troy-ma-RYE)
  92. Treasure Waltzes STRAUSS, J. Jr. -Orch
  93. Tres Jolie Waltzes WALDTEUFEL Orch
  94. Triana ALBENIZ -P- Iberia
  95. Tricotets, Les RAMEAU - Hpscd
  96. Triolets, Les RAMEAU - Hpscd
  97. Triomphante, La RAMEAU - Hpscd
  98. Triomphe de l'Amour, Le (The Triumph of Love) LULLY - Orch Ballet
  99. Triplet Brothers from Damascus Overt Friedrich Kuhlau
  100. Triptyque TANSMAN - Orch - Str Q
  101. Tristan and Isolde WAGNER Opera Munich 6/10/1865
  102. Tristan and Isolde (TRIS tan and ee ZOL dee) WAGNER Opera
  103. Tristesse Etude in E Op 10 no. 3 Frederic Chopin
  104. Trittico Botticelliano RESPIGHI Orch
  105. Trittica, Il PUCCINI
  106. Triumphal Entry of the Boyars HALVORSEN Orch
  107. Triumph of Neptune Suite Lord Berners
  108. Triumphal March Op 40 Alexander Glazunov
  109. Troika TCHAIKOVSKY -P- 'November' fr Seasons Op 37 No 11
  110. Trois Petites Pieces Montees SATIE Orch
  111. Trovatore (troh vah TOH ray) VERDIE (1852)
  112. Troyen, Les (lay TRAW yahn)(The Trojans) BERLIOZ Opera
  113. Troubadors (Il Trovatore) VERDI
  114. Trout SCHUBERT Piano Quintet in A
  115. Trumpet Voluntary Prince of Denmark's March Jeremiah Clarke
  116. Trumpet Tunes and Air Henry Purcell
  117. Tsar Saltan RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Opera
  118. Tsar's Bride, The RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Ov
  119. Turandot (toor ahn DOHT) BUSONI 2 Act Opera (1906) FP Zurich, 1917
  120. Turandot (toor ahn DOHT) PUCCINI Opera Milan 4/25/1926
  121. Turandot Fantasy Giacomo Puccini
  122. Turangalila (too rahn guh LEE lah) MESSIAEN
  123. turca (TOOR kah) MOZART Rondo ala turca K.331 Piano Sonata
  124. Turk in Italy Overture Il Turco in Italia Gioacchino Rossini
  125. Turkish MOZART Violin Concerto No 5 K219
  126. Turkish March fr 'Ruins of Athens' BEETHOVEN - Orch Op 113
  127. Twilight of the Gods (Gotterdammerung) WAGNER Opera
  128. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (See:Ah, Vous Dira Je Maman)
  129. Two Grenadiers SCHUMANN

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