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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
~ V ~

  1. Valkyr (See: Walkure, Die)
  2. Valley of the Bells Maurice Ravel
  3. Valse, La RAVEL
  4. Valse Bleue MARGIS - V & P
  5. Valse Bluette DRIGO - V & P
  6. Valse Impromptu LISZT -P-
  7. Valse Melancolique LISZT -P-
  8. Valse(s) Nobles et Sentimentales (vahls NOH bluh ay sahn tee mahn TAHL)RAVEL
  9. Valse Oubliee LISZT -P-
  10. Valse Triste (vals TREEST) SIBELIUS - Orch
  11. Vanessa BARBER Opera
  12. Variants of Dives and Lazarus, Five (DIE veez & LAZZ a rus) Ralph Vaughan Williams
  13. Variations FOSS
  14. Variations on a Rococo Theme Op 33 Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
  15. Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge BRITTEN - Orch
  16. Variations on a Theme of Corelli TARTINI - V & P
  17. Variations on a Theme of Haydn BRAHMS Orch
  18. Variations on an Original Theme, Enigma ELGAR Orch
  19. Variations Serieuses MENDELSSOHN Op 54
  20. Vecchio Minuetto SGAMBATI -P-
  21. Veils DEBUSSY 'Preludes Book I' - P
  22. Venetian Boat Songs Nos 1-3 MENDELSSOHN 'Songs Without Words' - P
  23. Venice and Naples 'Gondoliera LISZT - P
  24. Venus and Adonis DESMARETS Op Paris 3/17/1697
  25. Venus, the Bringer of Peace The Planets Gustav Holst
  26. Venusberg Music WAGNER
  27. Verano Porteno (Tango) Astor Piazzolla
  28. Vergebliches Standchen (fer GAY blichh STENT shen) BRAHMS lieder
  29. Vergers Fleuris, Les COUPERIN - Hpscd
  30. Verhor Des Lukullus (her HER des LOO loo loos) DESSAU
  31. Verklarte Nacht (fer KLEHR tah nahkt) Tranfigured Night SCHOENBERG Op 4 - Orch
  32. Vespri Siciliani, I (Sicilian Vespers) VERDI Opera - Ov Paris, 1855
  33. Vestale, La SPONTINI Opera - Ov
  34. Vesti la giubba (Il Pagliacci) LEONCAVALLO
  35. Victory Ball, A SCHELLING - Orch
  36. Vida Breve, La (Life Is Short) FALLA Orch
  37. Vidui BLOCH 'Bal Shem' - V & P
  38. Vie Parisienne, La OFFENBACH - Opera
  39. Vier Ernste Gesange (fear errnst geh ZAYNG eh) BRAHMS lieder
  40. Vier Latzte Lieder (FEER LEHT stuh LEE deh) 'Four Last Songs' R. STRAUSS
  41. Vieux Mendicant, Le (Old Beggar) IBERT 'Histories' - P -
  42. Village Dance LIADOFF - Orch (Russian Folk Dances)
  43. Village Romeo and Juliette, A DELIUS - Orch
  44. Village Swallows of Austria STRAUSS, Jos - Orch
  45. Villanesca (Spanish Dance) GRANADOS No 4 - P -
  46. Violettes, Waltzes WALDTEUFEL - Orch Op 148
  47. Virtuous Wife PURCELL Stage Music
  48. Visage Nuptial (vee ZHAZH noop SYAL) BERLIOZ
  49. Vitebsk (Study on Jewish Themes COPLAND - V & P
  50. Vltava (VIHL tah vah) from The Moldau SMETANA
  51. Vocalise Op 34 no. 14 Sergei Rachmaninoff
  52. Voces Intimae SIBELIUS String Quartet in d, Op 6
  53. Vogel als Prophet (Biudas Prophet SCHUMANN - P -
  54. Voices of Spring Waltzes STRAUSS, J. Jr - Op 410
  55. Voiles DEBUSSY Preludes Book I - P -
  56. Volta, La BYRD Fitzwilliam Virginal Book No 64 - Hpscd
  57. Von ewiger Liebe (fon AY veeg er LEE beh) BRAHMS lieder
  58. Von himmel hoch (Faun him mel hawk)
  59. Von Heute auf Morgen (fuhn HOY tuh awf MOR gun) SCHOENBERG
  60. Voyevoda (voh yeh VOH dah) TCHAIKOVSKY Opera, Tone Poem 'Leader' or 'General'

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