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Compositions by Titles or Nicknames
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  1. Wachet Auf BACH - Organ Chorale, Cantata No 140 Sleepers Awake
  2. Waffenschmeid (VAH fehn shmeet) LORTZING
  3. Waldesrauschen LISZT - P - Etude
  4. Waldstein (VAHL shtine) BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata in C Op 53
  5. Waldtaube, Die (Wedding Dance) DVORAK Op 110 - Orch
  6. Waldweben (Siegfried) WAGNER
  7. Walk to Paradise Garden, The DELIUS - Orch
  8. Walking the Dog (1936) Promenade George Gershwin
  9. Walkure, Die WAGNER
  10. Wally, La CATALANI
  11. Walpurgisnacht (vahl POOR gihs nahkht) GOUNOD
  12. Walsingham John Dowland
  13. Walsingham (for lute) John Marchant
  14. Wand of Youth, The ELGAR - Orch
  15. Wanderer Fantasy SCHUBERT - P - Op 15
  16. War March of the Priests Athalia (a-tha-LYE-a) Felix Mendelssohn
  17. Warum? (Why?) SCHUMANN - P - Op12 No 3
  18. Washington Post March SOUSA Band
  19. Washington's Birthday IVES Sym - New England Holidays Orch
  20. Wasps, The VAUGHAN WILLIAMS - Orch
  21. Wassertrager, Der CHERUBINI - Ov
  22. Water Music HANDEL Orch
  23. Waves of the Danube IVANOVICI - Orch
  24. Wedding Cake SAINT-SAENS Op 76 -P- Orch
  25. Wedding Day at Troldhaugen GRIEG Peer Gynt
  26. Wedding Scenes Bedrich Smetana
  27. Wedge, The BACH The Big E minor fugue
  28. Weihnachtsoratorium (VY nahkhts oh rah toh ree ohm) BACH see Christmas Oratorio
  29. Wein, Weib und Gesang (Wine, Women and Song) STRAUSS, J. Jr.
  30. Weiner Blut (See wiener)(vee ner BLOOT) Vienna Blood Waltz J. STRAUSS
  31. Well Tempered Clavier (KLAH feer) BACH
  32. Welsh Rhapsody GERMAN - Orch
  33. Werther (vair tair) MASSENET Opera Vienna 2/16/1892
  34. West Side Story, Symphonic Dances BERNSTEIN Orch
  35. What Sweeter Music John Rutter
  36. Whims SCHUMANN Fantasistuke -P-
  37. Whirlwind Polka Jules Levy
  38. White Mass SCRIABIN Piano Sonata No 7
  39. White Peacock, The GRIFFES -P-
  40. Why? SCHUMANN Op 15 -P-
  41. Widerstehe duch der Sunde BACH Cantata No 54
  42. Wiener Bonbons Waltzes STRAUSS, J. Jr
  43. Wiener Blut Waltzes (vee ner BLOOT)STRAUSS, J. Jr
  44. Wiener Kinder Waltzes STRAUSS, Jos
  45. William Byrd Suite Gordon Jacob
  46. William Tell ROSSINI Opera Paris 8/9/1829
  47. Will O' the Wisp MacDOWELL Woodland Sketches
  48. Will O' the Wisps Hector Berlioz
  49. Wine, Women and Song STRAUSS J. Jr
  50. Windows DRUCKMAN
  51. Winter Dreams aka Winter Daydreams TCHAIKOVSKY Sym No 1
  52. Winterreise (Winter Journey) SCHUBERT
  53. Winter Wind CHOPIN Etude Op 25 No 11
  54. Witch of Atlas Granville Bantock
  55. Witches Dance MacDOWELL -P-
  56. Wolsey's Wilde BYRD (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book 157) - Hpscd
  57. Woodland Peace Op 71/4 Edvard Grieg
  58. Woodland Sketches MacDOWELL -P-
  59. World of the Moon HAYDN
  60. Wotan's Farewell and Magic Fire Music from Die Walkure Richard Wagner
  61. Wozzeck (VOH tsek) BERG Opera Berlin 12/14/1925
  62. Wurtemberg Sonatas BACH

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