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MUSICIAN milestones...


  • Joan Trimble, composer and pianist,
    Born on June 18, 1915
    Died August 6, age 85

  • Violinist OSCAR SHUMSKY
    1917 - 2000 ~ New York Times obit

  • Louis Quilico
    1925 - 2000 ~ Excite, Reuters obit
    CD ~ Mr. Rigoletto-My Life in Music

  • Alan Hovhaness, composer
    1911 - 2000 ~ cbc obit
    cover cover
    A selected look at Hovhaness's discography

  • Richard Duffalo, Conductor
    1933 - 2000 ~ Boston Globe obit

    MUSICIAN profiles...


  • An Interview with Serge Celebidachi,
    Son of the Legendary Conductor


    pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet
    Part One ~ Part Two

    harpsichordist Ton Koopman ~ violist Jordi Savall

    cover cover
    pianist HELENE GRIMAUD ~ opera star SUSAN GRAHAM

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