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For all his versatility as a composer, what Mozart loved most passionately was to write operas. His uncanny genius for suggesting a character in music, for exploring the many-leveled, contradictory dimensions of our humanity, makes Mozart the Shakespeare of the lyric theater, and his best operas possess a time-cheating endurance that few artists ever achieve. Follow our Get Started in Classical feature--which includes an audio tour--to explore the opera music of Mozart.
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If you forgot to bookmark that article or interview you'd been meaning to read, only to see it apparently vanish into the cyberether--not to worry. We've gathered our classical articles and interviews into a convenient archive, where you can lounge at your leisure. Have a coffee and enjoy.
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  • Sheng has been tracing the ancient trade route that linked the East to the West
    from China to Rome for over 2000 years.
    He has written three pieces about this commercial highway.
    Red Silk Dance, Seven Tunes Heard in China and
    Spring Dreams. Schirmer is posting his e-mails to us at
    their web site so we may read all about his travels.

    cover Stravinsky liked to fancy himself an antipode to Wagner, but a revival of the beloved David Hockney production of his opera "The Rake's Progress" stood side by side with a new production of "Parsifal" by avant-garde director Nikolaus Lehnhoff in intriguing counterpoint this summer at the San Francisco Opera. editor Thomas May paid a visit.

    cover The year 2000 seems to be the time to plunge into the music of J.S. Bach--if you haven't already become an addict--as the music world commemorates the 250th anniversary of Bach's death. The actual date--July 28--has been anticipated with concerts, festivals, and a cornucopia of releases. Visit our grand central station of articles and recommended discs and books celebrating this supreme genius in's Bach Store.

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