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    • MUSIClassical.com is a MUSIClassical directory database of classical music information collected by scholars, musicologists, composers, performers and general classical music lovers. It was formed by a core group of individuals from a few classical music list groups in the mid 1990's. With the merger of these groups into the "onelist" and "egroups" and "Yahoo groups". The membership of hundreds of classical music lovers who may choose to just read the posts, some reply occassionally and others have formed a lively particepating group discussing many topics related to classical music. Many also contribute to the various databases of information on this site. The reference material is stored under the various directory headings you'll find at our 'QuickNav' icon or the search engine window found on most of our pages. Specific databases are maintained by individuals in our group. Anyone may use the directories. Anyone may join our group...
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    MUSIClassical MISSION:
    MUSIClassical.com and aMUSIClassical directories are maintained by volunteer editors, members of the MUSIClassical list group of classical music lovers. Many interests are served by our members who support our links. Directories are orginal and maintained by our editors unless indicated otherwise. If you wish to contribute drop us a message or post to our list group.
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    Schwann Opus
    Schwann Opus

    Magazine Description:
    Schwann Opus is the most comprehensive listing of classical recordings available in the United States. Recognized as the "definitive reference guide to classical music," this annual publication contains over 45,000 CDs and cassette tapes, and features an "Artist of the Year" profile. Items are organized under the composer name, and each piece on the recording is fully listed. Thousands of classical music enthusiasts find Schwann Opus indispensable in making their purchasing decisions.


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