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Soloists, conductors and Ensembles. MAJOR performing artists of the past and present, with date of birth, death, nationality and pronunciation. Remember the links are maintained by the source and we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

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  1. I FIAMMINGHI (ee fyah MING ee) Flemish-Belgian Chamber Orch.
  2. I FILARMONICI DEL TEATTRO COMUNALE DI BOLOGNA (ee Fill ar MOH nee chay del tay AH troh koh moo NAH lay dee boh LOAN yah)
  4. Ikaia-Purdy, Kieth (Honolulu, - )Am=Ten, MET 1998
  5. Imai, N (18 MAR - )Japn=Violist
  6. Immerseel, Jos Van ( - )Belg=Con-P-Org-Harpsichd
  7. I MUSICI (Ensemble) (ee MOO' zee chee) 'The Musicians'
  8. Inbal, Eliahu(16 FEB - )Isr=Cond
  9. INTAVOLATA Israeli Baroque Ensemble. Drora Bruck, recorder; Miri Singer, harpsichrd; and Isidoro Roitman, archlute.
  10. I Solisti di ZAGREB (Ensemble) (ee soh LEE' stee dee ZAH greb') 'Zagreb Soloists'
  11. I Solisti VENETI (Ensemble) (ee SOL' es tee VEN' ah tee) 'Venice Solists'
  12. I SOLONISTI (ee soh loh NEE stee)
  13. Isbin, Sharon ( - )Am=G
  14. Isoir, Andre (ee SWAR')
  15. Isserlis, Stephen (ESS' er liss) (19 DEC - )Eng=cellist
  16. Istomin, Eugene (is TOH min) ( 1925 - )P

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